TREND | Office Casual

With so many workplaces opting for a more relaxed dress code these days, your workwear wardrobe possibilities are endless. Read ahead on the pieces you need this season to nail your relaxed casual look.

The Sports Jacket:
An easy and far more comfortable replacement for your suit jacket, the sports jacket is a little more casual and can be worn back with a good pair of straight jeans and unbuttoned shirt.

Ditch the work slacks and stock up on chinos in a variety of colours. Take a note out of the Europeans’ book and embrace chinos with a bare ankle and boat shoe. Add a crisp white shirt and a navy sports jacket and you’ve nailed relaxed office attire.

The Printed Shirt:
Printed shirts have been around for some time now, but this season is all about retro and micro prints. Wear your shirt neatly tucked into chinos or jeans and leave the top button undone for a smart yet still relaxed feel.

The Man Bag:
If carrying around a stuffy briefcase has never really been your thing, then the first thing to update your new casual wardrobe with is a cross body satchel. Aside from being a little cooler looking, you’ll love the ease of wearing it slung over your shoulder.

A New Shoe:
You can tell a lot about a person by the type of shoes they wear, so make sure yours are always in good condition. This season it’s worth in investing in a great tan brogue which will look great with your chinos and sports jacket.