MUST HAVES | Defining Your Work Suit

Looking confident and professional are key to moving up the food chain and there’s nothing like a suit to tick both boxes. But not all suits are the same and where you work and what industry you are in can be good places to start to determine which suit suits you.


Uncertain economic times and recent spectacular financial crashes have meant the banking industry has become more traditional and conservative in practice. Look the part and opt for a suit in a classic fit with wide shoulders and lapels, and a longer jacket length. Wear with a crisp white shirt and shiny lace-up business shoes.


No one seems to know of its provenance but there’s a sartorial stereotype amongst architects and their penchant for wearing black. Stand out from the pack and select a dark blue suit which is just as versatile, paired with a black or brown shoe. 

Agency Creative:

The modern-day equivalent of Don Draper comes in a slim-cut suit and minimal style. Note the higher arm holes and slimmer leg, and paired with sneakers, it’s a casual look but one that inspires confidence, no matter what brief they throw at you.