HOW TO | Make Layering Simple

Truth be told, it doesn’t really get too cold in Australia. But when you think about it, this is even more of a reason to perfect the art of layering — you can mix and match shirts, knits and jackets to keep you warm without having to look like the Michelin man or a street style wannabe.

The key to layering lies in the rule of three — three layers, that is. Enough options for variety but not too many to be too overwhelming. Curious? Read ahead on our style guide to layering.

1) Start with a good base layer.

Think cotton tees, button-up shirts or long-sleeved skivvies. This should be the thinnest garment of your ensemble and is ideally made of breathable material to keep you cool underneath your top layers. But beware of wearing any old tee, this item should also be able to work as a stand-alone piece as you may end up stripping down to just this when it becomes unexpectedly warm.

2) Pick a good knit.

Over your base layer but underneath a jacket, this is your middle layer. A good knit is made from wool (or wool blend) to trap warmth and add depth and texture to your outfit. This season, look for details like cable knits, shawl collars, and ribbing.

3) Finish off with a great coat or jacket.

Women understand the power of a statement piece. When it's cold enough that a jumper won't suffice, a great coat or jacket is your statement piece. It's the first thing people will notice in your outfit and determines your overall silhouette. We're not suggesting anything over-the-top or attention-grabbing, a great one should speak for itself in cut, weight and fabric. Look for tailored overcoats or modernised leather jackets.