HOW TO | Assemble a Winning Work Look

Sometimes it takes something extra to stand out from the sea of suits flooding the foyer, the lift or the boardroom. Whether it's experimenting with textures or contrasting old-school style with contemporary accents, stepping outside your style comfort zone is a great way to get noticed – in a good way. Taking the first step towards becoming a fashion savant is the hardest, so read our guide to help you pick out some winning looks of distinction.

Begin with the Basics:

A contrasting blazer and trouser combo is the simplest way of experimenting with your daily work gear. It breaks up the linear aesthetic of more traditional suiting. 2The trick is to team items that, while each contributing to the overall look, aren't all competing for attention. For example, a navy check modern-cut blazer, teamed with the simple elegance of grey wool pants will create a pleasing juxtaposition. For a more sophisticated statement, try a double-breasted jacket teamed with trousers of the same hue to produce a chic tonal effect.

Pattern Perfect:

Contrary to popular opinion, sporting patterned shirts in the office can be a good thing. They add vibrancy and colour, and can give your everyday corporate look an injection of creative ingenuity. Just don't go overboard. Begin by choosing a shirt with a subtle-yet-distinct pattern, paired with lighter outerwear like a linen jacket.

The Finishing Touches:

Accessories are the punctuation to the structure of your wardrobe. They add depth, create nuance and offer an outlet for expression when more traditional dress codes are required. A simple way of adding detail is to start with pocket squares and ties, which can provide colourful accents to any outfit without too much fuss. Taking risks with your wardrobe can have both short- and long-term benefits. The confidence that comes from knowing you are looking your best and the impact of a great first impression can't be underestimated. It's also the only way to develop you own sense of style.