MUST HAVES | Styles of Business Shirts

Men are known to be practical and bulk shoppers. Save unnecessary hours in the shops and read ahead on the five key styles of business shirts you need in your wardrobe.

(1) The Twill Shirt

Why you need it: Twill is a heavier weight fabric and is more suitable for the cooler seasons. It also holds its shape and is easier to iron.

(2) The Classic Fit Shirt

Why you need it: A generous fit with typically a longer body or tail, a classic fit shirt allows movement without having to worry about straining around the arms and back, or buttons popping.

(3) The Solid Shirt

Why you need it: Plain and dependable, a solid-coloured shirt should be one of the staples in your business shirt rotation. It goes with everything and will never clash with a printed tie; perfect for days when mixing and matching prints is the last thing on your mind.

(4) The Micro Print Shirt

Why you need it: A micro-print shirt breaks up a full suit and adds a bit of fun to your business look. It's also a preferred option for those who work in a more casual environment.

(5) The Dinner Shirt

Why you need it: Wear to special occasions, particularly when a bow tie is required.