MUST HAVES | Winter Coats

With the weather cooling down, it's time to reach for a winter coat or jacket. But much like your girlfriend's shoes, just one is not enough — you need one for different occasions. Here's three styles to last you through winter, and what to wear with them.

The Overcoat:

Typically worn over a suit, this is the coat that means business. Choose one with a long line silhouette and single row buttons to keep it sleek.

The Peacoat:

Known for its double row buttons and wide collar, the peacoat is a shorter style coat; perfect for casual Fridays or a mid-week date.

The Parka:

Get all boys in the hood with the parka, a casual coat made for weekends and hipsters. It is typically shapeless in form so balance it out with straight or narrow cut pants to avoid looking dowdy.