HOW TO | The Collar Guide

1. “Cutaway” - The widest of spread collars, cut away as the collar is so short. Preferably worn with a tie with a wide knot.

2. “English spread" - The collar made for the Windsor knot. A traditional English look.

3. “Spread” - It flatters a narrow face and a Windsor knot. Spread refers to the width between the points of the collar.

4. “Forward Point” - Generally should be worn with a tie. Narrow opening flatters a rounder or wider face. This style of shirt has been around since WW1.

5. “Abbreviated Spread” – A smaller, more modern and sporty version of the classic spread collar. Designed to be worn without a tie under a sports coat or sweater. It can also be worn with a tie.

6. “Club” - Originally created in the 19th century for “exclusive” club members or English boarding schools.

7. “Button-down” - Mostly worn without a tie, though some designers and brands are promoting dressier versions to be worn with a suit.

These 7 collar types are in order from most formal to least formal, with all 7 capable of being worn with a tie.