MUST HAVES | Father’s Day Presents

Stuck on what to buy your Dad for Father’s Day next week? We’ve got you covered. So whether the Dad in your life is an adventure-loving Action Dad, a stylish Dapper Dad, or a timeless Classic Dad, we have specially curated selections to help let dad know how special he is. Keep reading to find your Dad the perfect gift this Father’s Day.


Dapper Dad:

The Dapper Dad has refined his personal style to an enviable art form, favouring select fashions and objects where quality comes first. A classic whisky, an understated watch, or a bold pair of socks for that extra pop of colour. This guy is all about small details and touches of pure flair.

Classic Dad:

A man of timeless tastes, Classic Dad eschews the flashier trends, preferring to honour tradition and a truly classic style. Think a classic leather weekender bag or timeless cufflinks. Dependable and solid, this dad always puts the family before himself – and that’s why Father’s Day is the perfect moment to spoil your Classic Dad.

Action Dad:

Motto: life is an adventure. Hold the recliner and the cardigans, Action Dad feels the call of the wild and prefers the breeze in his hair. If there’s a gadget, this guy wants to know how it works. If he’s ever referred to the family as ‘The Team’, then yours is an Action Dad.