TREND | Style Moves to Steal from Conor McGregor

Whilst he may not have been a winner in the ring on Sunday, Conor McGregor is definitely a winner in the style stakes. Like a style version of a training montage, these moves will help you punch up your own wardrobe.


Have A Cut Man in Your Corner:

McGregor’s custom suits fit him like a 4oz glove, which is more than half the battle. Even the finest suit will fall flatter than Ronda Rousey after a roundhouse kick to the face if it isn’t tailored properly. Conversely, with a few judicious tweaks, an inexpensive suit can punch well above its weight. As a rule, set aside between 10 and 20 per cent of your budget for alterations. And if your quads are bulging at your seams, size up in your trousers and get them taken in. The only belt you should need is a championship one.


Master The Right Combinations:

Repeat after us (until it’s drummed into your head harder than McGregor’s jab): your tie and pocket square should never match exactly. Yes, they can be similar; perhaps close in colour, or the same pattern but on a different scale. But they should never, ever be identical, or they’ll bring your outfit down.


Put On A Performance:

McGregor’s dress sense often skews as loud and brash as his trash talk. But like the latter, the former is all part of the show. McGregor understands that if he looks like a champion, and sounds like one, then guess what? He might just be one. The old adage of dressing for the job you want is a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. It hints at effort, attention to detail, competence: you’re signalling that you’ve got this game on lock so hard it’s in a rear naked choke.