HOW TO | Reinvent Your Style

If you’re the type of guy who embraces the concept of ‘new year, new me’ then you’re most likely a prime target for every New Year’s Eve based marketing campaign out there. You might feel the overpowering desire to change yourself immediately on a cellular level the moment the clock strikes 12, but these things need to happen naturally.


Do it Gradually:

So you want to try a new style for yourself in 2017? Great, now that’s a New Year’s resolution we can work with. Start by identifying the look you want to try. Be specific and clearly visualise it when shopping for your new attire. Don’t go crazy in the first shopping trip and purchase eight different outfits in the one style, you’re only going to make life hard for yourself if you realise this new look just is not for you. Start slow. Be it a single shirt, one item of clothing in a rather bold colour, or two items playing off one another.

Accessories Help Bridge the Divide:

If you’re not ready to commit to a world of scary new possibilities, try transitioning between new and old with some neutral accessories. If you’re trying to dress up these days with more shirts, chinos and boat shoes, try throwing a cap in there to dial it back down slightly so you don’t feel completely out of place from the get go. The same applies in the opposite direction. If you’re trying to dial down the outfits and try the jeans, hoodie and jacket look, throw in some dressy dessert boots that bridge the divide between classy and casual.