HOW TO | Turn Heads with Your Style

There’s a fine line between dressing smart for the office and looking stylish for a soirée. It might be easy to reach for your work suit to wear to a special occasion, but that doesn’t mean you should. That’s why we’re here to give you a few other, more appropriate options. Because no man should have to party in what he’s worn from 9-5. 


Slightly Different Shaded Suits:

We love a classic black suit, but we’re also loving summer’s subtler take on one of fashion’s most timeless ensembles. It’s not just about black, navy and grey anymore, with various labels experimenting with an entirely new spectrum of shades. Think subtle variations of powder and navy blue, off whites and classic neutrals.

Check Mate:

The check is back, and it’s more versatile than ever. From Tattersall to gingham to graph to windowpane, the classic print is set to dominate the season, appearing in shirts, trousers, blazers and ties galore. Nothing says confidence like a man in check.

In Bloom:

This season the floral gets in touch with its masculine side, coming into full bloom in a range of menswear collections. Hawaiian shirts are back, updated with a sleek, modern take. This summer’s floral statement exudes style and class, the perfect option to work into your party wardrobe.