MUST HAVES | White Shirts

A man’s summer wardrobe should be cool, classic and most importantly – versatile. The best way to approach warm-weather dressing is to embrace smart-casual separates that can be easily dressed up or down. When it comes to summer staples, you can’t go past the classic white shirt. Whether it’s an everyday tee, a casual button-down, or something fancy for after 5, all men should be equipped with the following three styles. 


The White T-Shirt:

It’s pretty much scientifically proven that a white t-shirt can do no wrong. If you don’t have a classic (or three) you can rely on this season, you’d be wise to get your hands on some pronto.

The Casual White Shirt:

The casual white shirt is your ticket to timeless style. Whether you pair it with shorts, jeans, slacks or chinos, this classic is a must-have for the summer wardrobe. To mix up your look, roll up your sleeves or embrace the “kind of half tucked in” look to enhance your sartorial street-cred.

The White Dress Shirt:

Summer is all about surf, sand and special occasions. Which is exactly why every self-respecting man should own at least one quality white dress shirt – though we definitely think it pays to have a good selection. This staple is crisp and guaranteed go with every suit you own. Did we mention it also looks ridiculously good?