MUST HAVES | Summer Shorts

Summer is finally on the horizon so now is the time to start thinking about shorts. Read ahead for a few essential tips to help you make the right decisions when choosing shorts for this summer.


Patterned Or Plain:

Plain is probably safest but certainly not your only option. If you do opt for a print, go for lighter colours and avoid anything too unrefined. And remember that logos or brand names emblazoned all over a pair of shorts will only ever look cheap.

Smart And Casual:

A tailored style is always the best way to go. Something in a soft cotton with a turned-up hem is perfect for all occasions; a versatile piece that allows you to relax at the beach before going out that evening, without ever having to demonstrate anything less than the height of sophistication. The tailored short goes well with anything up top, from a t-shirt to a button-down– there is really no excuse to deviate from this classic.

If The Shoe Fits:

If you are going to get things right, you will need to make sure you complete everything with the correct footwear. With your legs as exposed as they are, a poor choice will stand out more than ever. Smarten up – there is plenty of choice from espadrilles to loafers, sandals to summer brogues, trainers and boat-shoes.

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