TREND | What to Look Out for this Summer 2018/2019

Now that summer is fast approaching, new styles are starting to emerge for men. Before you head on your shopping extravaganza, take a look at some of the following trends that are about to explode into fashion. Armed with this information, you really can supercharge your style this season.


Pink Is Making A Comeback:

It would be fair to say that pink is a shade which tends to go in phases. One year it might be completely out of fashion, but the next it can be the colour that every guy walking down the high street is donning. Over recent times, we have seen it make a comeback and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At this point it’s worth mentioning that the vibrant hot pink isn’t quite on-trend right now. Instead, experts are suggesting that you turn to milder tones in the pastel variety. All of the big brands are buying into the pink fad right now, so jump on board.

Suits with Vertical Stripes:

This season, it’s all about suits with vertical stripes. This has been seen as something of an interesting development, as in other areas of the industry block colours are being turned to. The stripes are coming in all different widths; some will be more like a pinstripe pattern, while others will include thicker stripes.

Men in White:

Something else that is making a resurgence is the all-white appearance. In other words, you are dressed head-to-toe in white. Many would argue that this is a bold move; but it will certainly turn heads. You can even things off somewhat by relying on a pair of leather shoes, which will also make you appear a little smarter as well.

The Two-Pocket Factor:

Recent fashion shows have also suggested that the era of wearing two pockets on your top is making a comeback. Of course, there are different styles available within this. To keep things on the modern side, you should look to pockets that are a little more rounded or slouched. This can really make the difference and make it seem as though you really know what’s what when it comes to your summer style choices.