MUST HAVES | Style Rules for the Party Season

Dust off your finery, polish your shoes and prep your liver – it’s party season once again. And while we know the next few weeks is about easing off and letting your hair down, we’re also aware of the potential pitfalls such events pose. From turning up underdressed to getting too turnt up, it’s not always plain sailing through the festive circuit. So to help, in the wardrobe department at least, we compiled a handy guide. Who’s getting the drinks in?

Make A List (And Check It Twice):

Drafting a list of Christmas gift ideas that’s long enough to put you in the red might be a priority at this time of year, but, as well as ensuring stockings get stocked, it pays to plan for pre- and post-Christmas parties. Preparation is key to a stress-free party season. Spend some time going through your eveningwear a few weeks ahead, making sure you have everything and that it has been dry-cleaned, so that it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Make an Effort, But Don’t Try Too Hard:

Like the concept of smart casual, dressing, nailing a festive party dress code can prove tricky when it’s not as straightforward as ‘Christmas jumpers’ or black tie. There’s nothing worse than feeling underdressed at a party. Especially if there is a work connection to the invitation – you won’t impress a prospective client or future boss by turning up unprepared. That’s a thumbs down for the snowflake-pattern onesie, then.

Keep Your Locks Low-Maintenance:

No amount of hairspray will hold a quiff in place once attacked with unforgiving weather. So while it may go with the pomp and ceremony of party season, consider swapping a pompadour for an easier to manage mop. Avoid high-maintenance styles. This is summer: it’s hot, humid, and potentially stormy and these types of haircuts are just going to get annoying, and you’ll never look as intended once you arrive at your destination. Instead, steer simple with unfussy cuts, which simply require a little texturising product such as sea salt spray or volumising powder to finish.

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