MUST HAVES | Cufflinks

There aren’t many opportunities in a man’s ensemble to include jewellery that is both functional and aesthetic. Why should women get to have all the fun? Cufflinks are one of the few jewellery accessories a man has available to complement his outfit, yet they’re sometimes not fully appreciated. Cufflinks are a surprisingly versatile accessory that can be coupled with a number of different shirt combinations.


Firstly, what are cufflinks?

For those of you who are unaware, cufflinks are an alternative to buttons and serve as a tool for fastening the cuffs of a shirt closed. They come in countless shapes, sizes, styles, colours and materials and vary from the symbolic, to the flashy, to minimalist and the downright quirky. Picture virtually any symbol ever and it’s been made into a cufflink design.

Secondly, why do I care about cufflinks?

If you’re a gentleman who is all about the details, then getting your paws on a number of different cufflinks is the best way to show off your sense of style and attention to the little things. You don’t have to only wear cufflinks with your fanciest formal shirt; you can pair them with some of your smart-casual variations. Consider wearing a pair of simple black chinos, a checker shirt with cufflinks and a dinner jacket for a laid back, yet sophisticated appearance.