Wedding Wine Fridays | with Black Jacket Suiting

Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting recently spoke to Loz from Wedding Wine Fridays about custom designed suiting. Loz is the Director of Velbella, one of Brisbane’s leading bridal hair and makeup brands. Wedding Wine Fridays is all about giving brides and grooms great content and showcasing quality vendors - and we’re stoked to have been featured on their channel.

In the video, Ryan discusses what those who don’t have ‘normal distribution’ (meaning those who are skinny and tall or short and large) can do when it comes to finding suits that fit. His tips? Most ‘off-the-rack’ suit brands have short, regular and long fittings which can be tailored to fit well.

When it comes to tailoring, taller men may want to have the shirt and jacket sleeves lengthened and have the sleeve buttons moved down. Shorter men who choose to have their jackets tailored (by bringing up the length) need to make sure that the end of the jacket doesn’t get too close to the pockets, which can’t be repositioned.

Ryan also mentions that when tailoring suit jackets, you should always get the shoulders right first and then taper and change the middle. For pants, you should get the thighs right first and then change the waist.

Realistically, there is only so much adjusting that you can do to an existing suit. If you have an irregular shape, the best option is often to have a suit custom made for your height, posture and size.

Black Jacket Suiting is the only company in Australia that does off the rack hiring and tailor making. If you have any questions about our range, contact us today.

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