HOW TO | Care for Your Denim

Gentlemen, we all know our aversion to reading instructions is real, and while your furniture may look like the picture on the box without you reading the instructions, we promise you that without instructions your jeans won’t look how you bought them for long. They are called care instructions for a reason – the only way to keep your denim looking the best it can is if you show them some tender love and care.



The beauty of pre-washed jeans are just that – they are pre-washed. This means the colour should not bleed out of the jeans, as well as them feeling soft and comfortable, just as if you had already worn them for six months. It also means they are already pre-shrunk, so purchase the size that feels most comfortable in the store for the perfect fit. We still suggest not to wash them regularly to keep the colour from slowly fading out.


The beauty of coated denim is that if you spill something on them, the coating usually allows you to simply wipe it away! To maintain the coated look, keep washing at an absolute minimum, instead spritzing them with specialised denim disinfectant spray to keep things feeling fresh. When the time comes to washing, cold hand wash is always preferred, so if you have the time your jeans will thank you in the long run. If you choose to throw them in the wash, put them on a cold gentle cycle. Make sure you turn them inside out, and pop in a garment bag to maintain the coating.


Raw denim is the trickiest kind to care for, but we promise you will end up with a pair of jeans so comfortable and perfect for your body that you will never be seen without them. Raw denim is named as it is because it is denim in its truest form, not pre-washed, pre-shrunk or distressed in any way. Typically, raw denim needs to be broken in, without washing, for six months or so. Premature washing will fade the colour much faster, and may cause the jeans to shrink. During the no-washing period, the jeans will soften, crease and naturally mould to your body. When your jeans need a refresh during this time, 24 hours in the freezer will do the trick – in a plastic bag of course!