HOW TO | Be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Whether you like it or not gentlemen, wedding season is in full swing, with March being the most popular month of the year for couples to tie the knot. One weekend you may find yourself in the tranquil hills of a winery, the next on the dunes of a beach, or a traditional place of worship. This can pose some tricky sartorial questions – most important of all, what are you supposed to wear? 


The Church Wedding:

For religious weddings, a slightly more conservative approach would be advised. A navy or grey suit will do the trick, paired with a crisp, white shirt for timeless elegance or to add a pop of colour, consider a pale blue shirt – just make sure you tone down your tie. For your feet, Oxfords, Derbies or Brogues in black or brown provide fail-safe options. Complete the look with a classic pair of cufflinks (tie bar optional).

The Winery Wedding:

Winery weddings are as easy to dress for as the wine is to drink. Dress for the occasion in something rich and beautifully tailored – think wool suits in deep blues and reds, beautiful silk ties and leather shoes. While just as formal as a ceremony in a house of worship, a winery backdrop allows you to play with colour, pattern and texture, and stand out a little from the crowd. 

The Beach Wedding:

This is slightly tricky territory – a formal occasion in a relaxed environment. What do you do? Lightweight fabrics and neutral tones are a smart choice here – a linen blazer worn back with navy chinos, a crisp white shirt and a pair of loafers will see you through, but nothing beats a cotton suit. Complete the look with a pocket square, folded carelessly.