HOW TO | Match Your Tie with Your Shirt

The key to a successful business man isn’t his successful negotiating skills, it’s the way he dresses. Play your way up the ranks by making sure your shirt and tie game are as strong as you are.


You Have: Plain Shirt | Match With: Patterned Tie

There is nothing wrong with keeping simple with a great fitting basic white or block coloured shirt. It’s crisp and timeless, and will work with just about every suit in your wardrobe. While it is a safe option, it allows you to be a little more experimental with your ties. Play with colour, texture and pattern, let your tie be a statement maker. 

You Have: Micro Patterned Shirt | Match With: Slightly Patterned Tie

A micro pattern shirt, like a small check or a geometric print, is a great addition to your work wardrobe. They are still subtle, but show a little bit of personality. They are great for those who want to stand out in a more conservative office. Although your shirt does have a small pattern, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to a plain tie. A subtle stripe or an embossed paisley print are great options as they are still interesting, but don’t stick out too much.

You Have: Bold Shirt | Match With: Plain Tie

Your shirt is the statement maker – there is no denying it. A bold stripe or check can really bring a new life to your work wardrobe, but it gets a little tricky matching ties to it. If you are ever in doubt, a plain tie is always the way to go. Pull a colour out of the check, or pick something that will compliment your suit, and stick to plain, luxe silk. It’s fail-proof.