HOW TO | Dress for the Long Weekend

The work year is in full swing, meaning long nights and short deadlines on the horizon. But we have a break in our midst, the long weekend is not too far away. Whether you're planning a weekend of R&R, or a few days to party, we will make sure you look your best doing it.


The Traveller:

Why not take someone special away for a long weekend getaway? Whether it is an escape to the countryside, a beachside vacation or a city adventure, it is imperative to get the packing right. A pair of jeans is a no brainer – comfortable for exploring during the day, and able to look sharp for dinner at night. Tee’s will treat you well in the sun, but always remember to pack a collared shirt – you never know where your holiday will take you.

The Social Guy:

The Social Guy knows how to make the most out of his long weekend. Spending the time catching up with old friends, and adding new friends to his circle are on the agenda. Looking sharp is a must, so you need a few key pieces that will be versatile enough to serve all weekend long. The hero items? A great blazer, a few versatile shirts, a pair of tailored trousers and a great pair of jeans. Bar hopping never looked so good.

The Relaxed Guy:

Need a couple of days locked away with Netflix? With endless hours of entertainment and three full days of free time, why not sit yourself on your couch with the one you love and binge watch Making a Murderer? Or gather some friends and throw a BBQ in your backyard? Skip the old sweats though, comfort doesn’t always have to mean your old, holey tees. A grey marle t-shirt and a pair of soft, stretch denim is exactly what we will be lounging around in this season.