HOW TO | Style Your Denim

Ahh the humble jean - your wardrobe would not be complete without a trusty arsenal of denim to see you through. While they are on constant rotation in most men's wardrobes, it is hard not to fall into the trap of styling them the same with each wear. We sometimes forget how amazingly versatile a great pair of jeans can be, and with little additions to your wardrobe each season, you can keep them looking modern and new for years to come.


Dressed Up:

While when you think about denim, your mind automatically thinks "casual", your favourite pair of jeans can actually give a modern edge to your tailoring. The result is a look that is dressed up enough for a night out, but with a modern streetwear edge. We love the combination of a perfectly tailored blazer, slim fit jeans and a shirt for busy Saturday nights. Add a pair of Italian leather boots or monkstraps and you are ready to hit the town.

Dressed Down:

Jeans are our go to weekend piece for two reasons - 1) they are comfortable as hell, and 2) they keep you looking sharp and sophisticated, even if you are just lounging around the house. A basic tee and a casual jacket thrown over your jeans is effortlessly cool, perfect for afternoon lunches and get-togethers on the weekend. Add a statement knit when you are off to face the elements in style.