TREND | Braces

An old school necessity, braces have returned to their former glory and are making their way back to the men’s fashion arena. So now the only question remains, how does one wear braces?


Throwback to the 20th Century: 

If images from the early 1900s are to be believed, pants threatened to go flying off a man’s person at a moment’s notice and needed to be firmly secured in place. Now, however, most pants are designed to hug one’s waistline snugly, forgoing the need for braces or belts. This hasn’t stopped the return of the braces, though, as gents everywhere embrace this time-tested accessory in a myriad of increasingly dashing ensembles.

Brace Yourself, Style is Coming:

Whether with a dark minimalistic suit, or jeans and a polka dot shirt, braces can complement a wide range of different ensembles whilst adding a flair of class and sophistication to almost any look. Most people when they envision braces or suspenders, see them going with a businessman in a suit, but this look is not restricted to corporate types alone.

Nail that smart casual look and rock the classic blue jeans and white long sleeved top whilst sporting some skinny styled braces. Dial up the dapper a notch and pair your braces with a bowtie and shirt for a quirkier look. Leather braces are also a great opportunity for you to match your other accessories, such as shoes, watch band or even a satchel.


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