MUST HAVES | 21 Habits of a Stylish Man

When being stylish is something you do effortlessly, it means you have reached a level of mastery. But what are the habits that stylish men adhere too? Read ahead on 21 habits of a stylish man.


1.       They’re confident in what they wear.

2.       Everything he wears fits.

3.       He knows his tailors name.

4.       He knows less is more.

5.       They’re not afraid to spend money on quality.

6.       They’re not obsessed with brands.

7.       He has a wardrobe built around his lifestyle.

8.       His wardrobe is organised.

9.       They don’t brag about how good they look.

10.    They don’t dish out the style advice.

11.    They don’t plan ahead.

12.    They know their barber.

13.    They look after their clothes.

14.    They pay attention to the finer details.

15.    Workout clothes stay at the gym.

16.    They know their measurements.

17.    They know the rules (but aren’t afraid to break them).

18.    They have a grooming routine.

19.    They clear out unused/unworn clothes.

20.    They have mastered their signature scent.

21.    They know it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.