HOW TO | Tie a Windsor Knot

The Windsor, also known as the Double Windsor or the Full Windsor (we know, confusing stuff), is probably the second most common way to tie a tie after the four-in-hand (the one your Dad tried to show you in that designated father/son time you had to go through as an awkward blackhead-laden teen). The knot sits wide against your collar and should be a perfectly symmetrical triangle. Take your tie game up a notch.


Step One:

Hold the tie around your collar with the wide end on the right and the skinny end on the left. Leave the skinny side short because you’ll need the extra length for the knot. Lift the wide end over the skinny end, only moving the wide end as you do this.


Step Two:

Pull the wide end up through the neck loop from underneath and then pull it back to the left.


Step Three:

Then pull it around the skinny end to the right but lifting it up, over and through the neck loop and back down to the right over the top.


Step Four:

Move the wide end across the front to the left and then up into the neck loop from underneath.


Step Five:

Breathe out. You’re nearly there. Bring the wide end down through the loop you’ve created in the front and tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Then it’s just a matter of sliding the knot up and adjusting according to the size and tightness you want.