HOW TO | Save Your Money on Clothing

Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is shop smarter. Read ahead for four items of clothing that you can save your money on.


1. The T-Shirt

Invest in quality and versatility, by going for basic colour-ways and avoiding brands. Pay attention to the quality though, investing in good cottons and good production and you’ll find the t-shirt will still look good for years to come.

2. Socks & Underwear

Although socks and underwear do serve a purpose when it comes to dressing well, overspending isn’t needed. Don’t neglect the importance of socks by wearing those off white athletic socks you wear to the gym but keep it simple with merino wool and don’t be afraid of a bit of colour.

3. Accessories

Accessories serve the purpose of adding individual touches to an outfit. They’re used to enhance an outfit, not to make it. Therefore, you’ll want a few accessories in your wardrobe so you can individualise any outfit. Take a tie for example, you could spend $150 on one tie and wear it over and over again. Or you can buy 3 ties, 3 pocket squares, a tie clip and a scarf for $150. What option gives you more? Focusing on quality is important when it comes to buying accessories but don’t be afraid to spend less but buy more.

4. Loungewear

Cut back the costs on loungewear and instead invest in pieces worth the money. Loungewear should be comfortable and minimal, and focus on making an impression outside of the house, rather than inside it.