HOW TO | Avoid Shopping Mistakes

From buying too much clothing to wasting money away on flashy brands, read ahead on how to avoid the common shopping mistakes.


Shopping with No List:

If you’ve ever shopped with a shopping list before, you probably know that you’ll normally buy things that you don’t necessarily need. You’re overbuying, and in return you’re spending more money than you need too. It’s exactly the same when you’re buying yourself some clothing. Go shopping with a shopping list. What is it that you need? Write yourself a very specific shopping list so that when you actually go shopping, you know exactly what you need to be getting.

Choosing Brand over Quality:

This is a mistake I see a lot of men make. They’ll typically go to the premium stores and they’ll buy something just because of the logo on the shirt. Don’t choose brand over quality. When you’re shopping in person in particular, you want to really check out the quality of the garments. Give it a quality check. Is it good fabric? Is the stitching good? Is it made well? Is it manufactured well? A good quality garment will last you for years.

Sale Frenzy:

A lot of men see that a sale is on and buy as many items as they possibly can. It’s the same as what’s called impulse buying. You’ll see a shirt that you like, you’ll buy it, you’ll wear it a few times and then you’ll hoard it away in your wardrobe. Don’t buy something because it’s cheap and don’t buy something just because you like the look of it. Only buy things that you necessarily need.

Avoiding the Changing Rooms:

We all know that fit is the number one principle when it comes to improving your style, so making sure that you’re trying the items on before you purchase them is a very, very good thing to do. I know it’s a pain and I know sometimes you haven’t got the time, but don’t buy something without trying it on first. Trying on different sizes and trying on different items will help you decide whether or not you should exchange your hard-earned cash for the item. It will take you more time buying something, trying it on at home and having to exchange it.