TREND | Style Epiphanies Every Man Goes Through

It’s a long drive down this road we call life, and along the way, your brain will absorb constant gems of new information, sometimes without you even noticing. Some of these will be microscopic practical realisations, while some may unlock the answers to bigger philosophical questions. And, of course, others will just be simple lessons in how to improve the way you dress. Read ahead for the style epiphanies all men discover sooner or later.


Suits Don’t Always Look Smart:

You think you look like James Bond emerging from the ocean (yes, in a suit) before wandering into a bar to order a martini. But get it wrong and you look more like a 16-year-old who went to the formal in his dad’s suit. Four words: find a good tailor. 

Sometimes the Most Simple Outfit is the Most Stylish:

It can be easy to get caught up in the insane whims of fashion, as you find yourself making a grand entrance in a sarong and what looks like a dressing gown. But there’s a reason why all the fashion greats, from Steve McQueen to James Dean, kept it simple. Because it just works. It’s amazing how far you can get in pair of straight-cut jeans, a well-cut tee and a cool jacket.

Your Hair Should Not Be Overcomplicated:

There’s not a jury in the world willing to forgive frosted tips, or a gelled-down fringe, or that weird phase you went through with the blond stripe down the middle, or the spiky front bit and the soft, feathery back. The key to good hair is to understand how yours works with your face and to stick to the simplest and most obvious cut there is.

Trends Aren’t as Good As A Signature Style:

At some point during your sartorial puberty, crackling light bulbs will start repeatedly exploding above your head, as you realise that you have developed your own nose for what looks good, and no longer feel the need to tick off every seasonal trend.

Show Your Feet Some Respect:

Just as a princess has to kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince, you will likely have to work your way through a conveyor belt of bad shoes before you find the ones that fit you perfectly. Fairytale metaphors aside, the point is this: if you want to expedite the process, avoid extreme shapes – particularly anything too pointy or too square.

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