HOW TO | Not Look Boring at Work

Going back to work for the new year is upon us, which mean now is the time to reassess your work wardrobe. It’s not as simple as the cliché of dressing for the job you want: your clothing needs to fit your role and the organisation you’re in. The aim is to dress for the job you have. Just, you know, better. So instead, follow these nine ways to appear less dull at your place of employment.


Tie the Knot:

The yoke of corporate oppression has been thrown off in recent years by men desperate to assert their tieless independence. Congratulations: you now have the freedom to look exactly the same as every other guy in a navy or grey suit and an open-necked white or blue shirt. Instead, you should see a tie as an opportunity to express your individuality. A knitted tie will instantly make you more noteworthy, as will seasonal materials: wool in winter, linen in summer. There’s also something understatedly classy about their matte finish.

Take Positive Steps:

There are some workplaces where only strictly formal black shoes will cut it. In which case, you don’t have much scope beyond Oxfords. Generally, though, brown is acceptable in town, gives you more scope for variation and is way less boring. Providing they match your suit, navy, burgundy, oxblood and even dark green are also surprisingly versatile, and will put you in higher standing than your less imaginative co-workers. And depending on how soft the rules are, suede can be a nice touch.

Get Shirty:

For most men, the only types of shirt they are familiar with are white or blue. Maybe pink if they’re feeling brave. However, expanding your horizons with colours and patterns such as checks or stripes can give your look the promotion it deserves.

Bag A Promotion:

Crappy, overfilled backpacks drag down many a work rig. Especially those that come free with gym memberships. You could upgrade to a luxe backpack, but even that might be too childish for grown-up jobs; and without thorough thought, hard briefcases can be a tad stuffy, not to mention difficult to dress down. Get hold of a more modern, soft briefcase that’s just wide enough for your workout gear without giving the impression that you’re staying overnight.