MUST HAVES | 8 Habits of Well Dressed Men

Do you get your jackets tailored? Wash your whites separately? Press your underwear? No? Then there’s a strong chance your style might be suffering as a result. According to club menswear’s most influential opinion-makers, there are a few habits shared by nearly all the most impressively turned out blokes on the red carpet, and it’s not necessarily having a stylist on speed dial. In a bid to give you the sartorial shortcut to wardrobe success, here are eight things worth adding to your daily routine.


1.            They Know The Basics – And Stick To Them

Well-dressed men rely on basic uniforms and don’t worry about making a statement if that’s not their style. Cover your bases with a few well-fitting white T-shirts, a sky blue Oxford shirt, grey sweatshirt, denim jacket and some light coloured chinos in a slim or straight fit.

2.            They Shop Offline, Too

With thousands of brands at your fingertips, no queuing, and the ability to buy pants without wearing any, shopping online has revolutionised the way we stock our wardrobes. But steer exclusively digital and you might miss a trick.

3.            They Don’t Ignore Care Labels

There are few things in life more irritating than discovering that the new season jumper you just bought is dry-clean only. But caring for your clothing could be the difference between subpar and outstanding style. 

4.            They Only Settle For the Best Trouser Break

Aside from allowing your footwear to be on full display, nailing the trouser break is something that separates the men from the boys, and can also elongate your frame to make you appear taller and slimmer.

5.            They Don’t Wash Their Jeans

Believe it or not, in some cases it’s possible to look better by doing less. This is particularly true of jeans, which you should skip washing in favour of a swift half down the pub for at least the first six months of wear.

6.            They Take It Up With Their Tailor

Every well-dressed adult knows that the key to looking good is fit. From your basics to your best two-piece, there’s nothing that can’t be improved with a nip and a tuck.

7.            They Wear The Shoe That Fits

It’s not uncommon to hear people waxing lyrical about how footwear is the most important component of an outfit. And while it’s quite a bold statement, they have a point. Some of the most versatile shoes a man can have are Chelsea boots in brown, plain loafers, a pair of white sneakers an and an all-rounder black shoe.

8.            They Organise Their Wardrobes

It’s been established that not all impeccably-dressed men spend hours meticulously planning their outfits. However, they do give themselves the right tools to work with, thanks to a spot of wardrobe organisation. Try organising by colour, type of garment or season, and you’ll find getting dressed in the morning becomes a whole lot easier.