HOW TO | Wear Your Summer Wardrobe in Autumn

New season, new wardrobe. Right? Well, not necessarily. With some of fashion’s most influential players conceding the industry’s pace is out of whack, the idea that what you wore last season is redundant now, isn’t just outdated, but irresponsible, too. To help you navigate the shifting seasons without spending a fortune on new pieces you don’t need, here are a selection of summer garments you can wear year-round. 




Despite being intrinsically linked with the warmer months, the barely-there material of t-shirts can still be worn when it gets cooler if you think of them as a base layer. T-shirts can also be used as an accent to your outfit to add some colour.


Polo Shirt:

Summer’s smart-casual staple looks every bit as sharp even after the season is over. Lightweight, breathable and not as airily thin as a T-shirt, a polo shirt is a top seed player in your transitional line-up. The only thing that needs changing is the placement. Where in the summer a polo might sit front and centre, its role is more supporting once the mercury begins to drop. Layer then under a lightweight jacket to transition to the cooler months.

Striped Top:

Autumn’s onset might mean sailing city streets rather than clear blue seas, but that shouldn’t mean putting striped shirts on the plank. Timeless and versatile, the striped top’s simplicity makes it virtually seasonless, so while, sure, it looks great sipping a negroni on a beach, it’s just at home with a pint of beer in the depths of winter.

Denim Jacket:

If street style has taught us anything, it’s that a denim jacket isn’t just an outer layer – it’s a bona-fide wardrobe workhorse. Sure, you can throw it on over a T-shirt or shirt, but a denim jacket is so much more: it’s the mid-layer that offers a textural contrast or the extra outer layer that dials up the heat.