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MUST HAVES | A Simple Black Shirt


Do you think of a black T-shirt as basic? Maybe even boring? It doesn’t have to be! When you find the right shape, colour and style, a simple black shirt is the missing piece that will elevate any outfit. The same goes for white shirts, so boost your wardrobe with these items today! Black shirts…

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Wedding Suit Accessory Guide

Once you have found your perfect wedding suit to buy or hire, check out this wedding suit accessory guide because it’s time to accessorise. There’s a lot more than just the suit that will make you look extra sharp on your wedding day. Just as you think you are done and looking good with your perfect suit, you…

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Should You Buy or Hire a Suit?

There are several occasions in life that will require the wear of a good suit. As such, many people often find themselves facing a difficult, yet crucial decision on whether or not to buy their suit, or hire their suit. Well, should you buy a suit, or should you hire one? Here are some reasons…

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Wedding Suits: Buy or Hire?

When planning your wedding, there’s always the age old dilemma: should you buy or hire your wedding suit? At Black Jacket Suiting, we offer both wedding suits to buy and hire, and we would like to show you how you can benefit from each service and help you make the choice a little bit easier. Hiring Wedding Suits If…

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What is a Lounge Suit?

Dress codes are confusing. And much to everyone’s annoyance, the people who set dress standards often have zero idea what it means themselves. When they say “black tie,” do they want you to wear a literal black tie or do they just want you to wear a suit? Fortunately for you, we have decided to…

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How to wear a hired suit: necktie or bow tie style

Ever since Doctor Who exclaimed “bow ties are cool”, the old fashioned and previously mocked bow tie has leapt back into the necessities of a stylish man’s wardrobe. With this returning trend, men today are faced with the choice between the necktie and the bow tie. If you own a suit you may be more accustomed to…

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Wedding Suits to Suit your Style

Do you keep getting invited to the same type of wedding over and over again, or are you struggling to find a wedding suit that will best suit not only your style, but that of your partner? Weddings are different now compared 20 years ago. There are many different styles the groom can pull off…

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School Formal Suits

School formals are a special event in everyone’s life. Even mentioning them usually brings a smile to the face of even the most cynical of souls. Twelve years of blood, sweat and tears are all washed away in the space of a few hours. They’re often the first time most young gentlemen-to-be will ever have…

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