Black Jacket Suiting has become the premier suit shop in Brisbane city with options for suit hire, off-the-rack purchase and custom made. However, we do not just arrange suits for clients within the greater Brisbane region.

Especially when it comes to wedding suits a lot of our clients have groomsman who do not have direct access to the store. They may be located intercity, interstate or even internationally. So how do we manage to arrange suit hire, purchase or even custom-made garments for these clients? Read on to learn which area’s we service and how we achieve the perfect fit for all our clients.

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Black Jacket Suiting is conveniently located just outside Brisbane CBD (Murarrie– 4171) which allows for easy accessibility, free parking and limited traffic conditions. This location has centered us as a premier destination for suits in Brisbane City.

 With this easy to access location we are also not restricted to usual trading hours (9am-5pm). While our standard operating hours are 12pm-7pm Monday to Friday & 10am to 4pm Saturday’s we regularly arrange appointments outside of these for your convenience. Our client feedback has revealed that this flexibility is great for those who do work within the confines of the standard work week hours.

 There are a few ways to reach our suit shop if traveling from Brisbane CBD.

You can use the following methods:

If you are visiting Brisbane and need more information on timetable and ticket with Brisbane City Council please use the below link to find out more information.


Although Black Jacket Suiting is located near Brisbane CBD, we still have the ability to supply suits to our neighboring state of NSW. Whether you’re looking for a new lounge suit or chasing a formal suit hire for an event we have processes and procedures in place to ensure we get you the right suit and the right fit.

 Regularly with our mens wedding suits for hire or buy we have groomsman who are located in Sydney or greater NSW and we need to arrange the right sizes and style for them to match the rest of the wedding party. Accordingly, we have developed a state of the art and simple to follow online measurement tutorial for clients to provide us with measurements.


Expanding on our services from Sydney and greater NSW, Black Jacket Suiting also has the capacity to provide suits to clients in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Again, we use our online measurement system to determine what size works best for the clients depending on the cut of the suit.

 We use Australia Post to ship suits, shirts, ties or shoes securely and expediently to our clients in these regions. We ensure that the suits are correctly packaged on your behalf and for security that they insured and require a signature upon receiving. Shipping rates and charges can be found below:

Black Jacket Suiting recommends that you provide a business mailing address for this service so that it can be delivered and signed for without you having to visit the post office in the event of a missed delivery.


Arranging suits for Toowoomba and the Greater Queensland region is a common occurrence for us at Black Jacket Suiting. With many clients visiting Brisbane for a variety of reasons throughout the year it is very easy for us to create a measurement profile for you as well as keep track of your purchase history.

 At your appointment on request, we can complete our measurement tutorial for you within 10 minutes as well as recommend the brands and cuts of suits that are best suited for your shape.

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In the event you are not visiting Brisbane in the near future you can easily select and enquire about any of our products for hire or purchase from our website. From here we will provide you with specific instructions to complete your measurements and contact you on your preferred method of collection or shipment.


Moving further South West Black Jacket Suiting also has the ability to supply suits to our clients in Adelaide and greater South Australia. In the event you are having trouble with our measurement tutorial online we can provide you with a written instructions document and associated imagery in order for you to see a seamstress or tailor to complete your measurements. Below is a list of local tailors who would be complete this for you:

LookSmart Alterations

Knightsman Bespoke Tailors

The Tailors Room

Black Jacket Suiting recommend calling ahead and requesting this service from the provider. There may be a small charge involved but it should be no more than $20. If you require more information, please make an enquiry below:

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PERTH (6000)

Servicing the whole width of Australia, Black Jacket Suiting even has clients in Perth who we regularly post suits to for hire or purchase. While the same process as above applies to these clients, we also keep all our clients sizing data on file for future purposes. Below is a list of local tailors in Perth who would be complete a measurement profile for you:

LookSmart Alterations

Ascot Tailors

Alexander David


Black Jacket Suiting while located in Brisbane is just a short drive from either the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. With these locations being so close we highly recommend our clients come in for personalised fitting sessions. We make this process effortless and ensure that 70% of our clients are only required to attend the store once in order for use to supply a finished product.

 In the event you are a more difficult fit and still desire and off-the-rack product, we use a method of pinning and measuring a sample suit that we have in stock, we then provide this along with your suit to our skilled tailors to follow to complete the alteration on your suit.

 If you are hiring a suit this process becomes even easier and you can elect for us to ship the finished product directly to you for your convenience. Shipping rates and charges can be found below:

We ensure that client measurements are kept on file for future purposes in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

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What happens if you are living internationally and party member of a wedding party in Brisbane? Don’t worry Black Jacket Suiting have procedures in place to ensure you get the perfectly fitted suit. While we can use the online measurement tutorial or alternatively can provide you with a document of body measurement instructions for you to take to a local tailor; what happens if you wedding party has custom made suits?

 This is definitely a more complex scenario but nevertheless Black Jacket Suiting also has procedures for this and we have completed this successfully before. This can happen in a couple of way, firstly we need to start arranging this a lot earlier than usual. Secondly, we will provide you with a comprehensive measurement guide that teaches you how to measure a suit that fit you. We will then do an analysis based on the information you provide to us and use our fitting algorithms to ensure every measurement is accurate.

 Finally, you will have the option to have the suit sent directly from our manufacture to you in the United States or if you are arriving more than one week before the wedding, we can have it sent to us and complete the finishing details with our local tailor.


Black Jacket Suiting suits have even reached the continent of Africa. Arranging groomsman suits for parties travel to or from Africa has posed no problem for us with our state-of-the-art systems in place. We have outlined these above but to reiterate we have outlined the following options available to you below:

Finally, Black Jacket Suiting do highly recommend you contact us with any questions you may have when organizing a suit. While instore fitting is always best practice, we have tirelessly worked to perfect our processes and procedures for fitting clients out of town; whether it is for wedding suits, formal suits, or business suits we always want to get the right fit, style, and price.

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