Black Jacket Suiting

Do I Need An Appointment?

Appointments are highly recommended and we preference those clients who have made a booking.

We pride ourselves on offering first class service to every client that comes through our doors and accordingly need time to ensure all our clients look and feel their best without feeling pressured or rushed. 

Weekends are naturally more high volume and require appointments; weekdays have greater availability and we will always try our best to work around your schedule. 

Our online booking system makes it super simple to see what appointment times are available and to book an appropriate time slot that suits your requirements. 

The Black Jacket Suiting Consultation Process

As a multi-award winning company, customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it’s a school formal, wedding, business interview, social soiree or just an excuse to dress up we ensure that every customer looks and feels their best.

At your first consultation your stylist will gain a comprehensive understanding of how you like to wear your garments. We then pair our diverse product selections perfectly to your outfit requirements while always aligning with your budget.

Through proficient base size fitting we ensure that alterations are minimised. Your garments are ordered and arrive in store within 3-4 business days, at which point they are ready for alterations and final fittings.

After your second consultation your order is sent to our tailor for final alterations (2-3 days) to guarantee your garments are exactly to your specifications. If required we can even organise hand delivery (Brisbane metro) free of charge.

With fully automated systems, out loyal cliental enjoy the luxury of having their own personal profile with measurements, purchases, discounts and events data all in one place allowing us to provide that personal touch to our services offering.

Different consultations require different amouts of time; click here to select an appointment that works for your needs/stage.

What Items Can I Hire?

We offer and extensive hire range of Jackets, Trousers and Vests; with numerous different cuts, fabric qualities, colours and styles to choose from. 

Unfortunately it is not viable to offer every suiting product to hire, however we are committed to offering diverse, current, fashionable and trending styles and cuts to set you apart from the rest at any given occasion. 

We currently Do Not offer for hire shirts, ties, belts or shoes; however, we provide affordable and quality purchase options for these items to ensure you can complete your look without breaking the bank.   

Click Here to view the Suit Hire Range.

How Long Do I Have My Hire Suit For?

While most suit hire companies will allow you a 48 hour hire period, with our commitment to high quality service we provide our clients with a 7 day hire period (14 days for wedding parties). 

We recommend collecting your outfit a few days before your event so we can ensure everything is 100% with your style and fit. At this time you can schedule in a drop-back date and/or nominate a third party to return the suit on your behalf. 

What Alterations Can I Make?

Black Jacket Suiting clients are armed with the knowledge of what their shape is and how their suit should fit to complement their style and boost their confidence. 

When purchasing items the full alterations list is open to you. However, through proficient base size fitting we ensure that your alteration costs are minimised.

When hiring a suit a complimentary trouser length is included. However we cannot change the shape/fit of the garment.

Additional Jacket Sleeve & Trouser Waist temporary alterations can be added on request but incur an extra charge.

Out Of Town?

Out of town clients are a regular occurrence resulting in us dressing people from all over the world. Accordingly, we have devised a comprehensive measurement system that will ensure the perfect fit. 

Clients follow our simple measurement procedure requiring them to complete 7-10 body measurements from the comfort of their own home. Professional videos with written, audio and visual cues have been produced for your convenience and are unique to our systems.

This measurement system has been expertly refined by us over and over to cover all possible variables and weed out any inconsistencies/errors, resulting in every client achieving a perfect fit.

It is highly recommended & intended that clients follow the video's at home, with a friend and a measuring tape.

Please DO NOT go to see a tailor or your local suit shop as the measurement method is specific to our system.

Click Here to access our measurement system.

Brands, Quality & Pricing

What Brands Do We Stock?


Studio Italia, New England, Milano, Bruton, Savile Row, Christian Brookes, Gibson, Daniel Hechter, Boston, Bell & Barnett, Aston, Uberstone & Black Jacket Custom.


Brooksfield, Studio Italia, Shoreditch Corporate, New England, Gibson, Bell & Barnett, Boston & Black Jacket Custom. 


Collezione, Formalities, Carlo Visconti, Sergio Alvajee & Buckle.


Uncut, Martino Carolus, One For The Road & Florsheim.


Formalities & Buckle.


What Quality Do We Offer?

We offer different qualities and prices for each product type in order to accomodate for all budgets. 

Suits: Non-Wool, Wool Blend & Pure Wool.

Shirts: Cotton Rich, Cotton Luxe & Egyptian Cotton.

Ties: Poly & Silk 

Shoes: PU & Leather 

Belts: PU & Leather.



Contact Us Here for all pricing enquiries.


When Should I Go Tailor-Made?

Black Jacket Suiting clients are armed with the knowledge of what their shape is, how a suit should fit to complement their style and are provided advice on how to purchase pragmatically and maximise their investment.

Tailor-Made suiting will usually be more expensive than its off-the-rack counter-parts. With this being said going into a this product range is something every person should experience at least once! Having something made for you adds that special & unique finish and allows you to feel 100% comfortable in your outfit.

As a general rule, we recommend Tailor-Made Suiting be considered when at least 1 of the factors below are at play:

  1. Your build/dimensions are unique and you cannot fit comfortably and properly into an off-the-rack product; 
  2. You are chasing a unique style, pattern or design;
  3. Your budget permits treating yourself.

For more information please contact us here.

Discounts Offered

We have built our brand through offering high quality service at affordable prices and accordingly a reputation that has been spread by word of mouth. 

We offer discounted packages for Hire and Business Wear clients as well as for School Formal and Wedding Parties that allow for unique requirements of individual clients to be catered for. 

Finally, discounts are offered to repeat clients as well as those clients who were referred by previous cliental. Ask in store for more details or contact us directly.

Purchasing An Ex-Hire Product

With our commitment to high quality hire suiting and suit accessibility for all budget types; we offer our clients the option to buy our ex-hire suits at a substantially discounted rate. 

This system is unique to Black Jacket Suiting and offered in-store only in an ad-hoc manner. The following factors are taken into consideration during the quote process:

  1. Condition of the garment;
  2. Availability of re-order for replacement;
  3. Sizing demand for future hires.

This process ensures our hire range is kept modern, fresh and of an extremely high quality standard. 

All hire suits are professionally dry cleaned after use and before sale and any alterations can be reversed from temporary to permanent on request. 

Please contact us for more details.

Garment Care

Do not machine-wash your suiting products under any circumstances. 

A common misconception is that a suit requires regular dry-cleaning; with most people dry-cleaning their suits with regular wear once a month or more. 

Dry-cleaning should be avoided unless necessary from stains or spills and should be limited to a maximum four times a year.

For all suiting but especially wool, dry cleaning can lead to the weakening of fibres, discolouration as well as leaving shiny residue from the chemicals used during the cleaning process. 

Garment Longevity & Cleaning Tips:

  1. After wearing your suit ensure it is hung on an appropriate suit hanger which allows the shoulder pads to be spread out as if it was continued to be worn. Also ensure the trousers are folded over the hanger along there crease line.
  2. Invest in a lint roller and/or a small hand held steamer. Removing lint/dust from your suit allows for protection from foreign elements and a steamer will rejuvenate the fabric, remove odours and alleviate creasing in the fabric. 
  3. Rotate your suits and invest in two trousers for each jacket. Trousers are less durable that jackets and also bear most of the brunt from movement while wearing. Try to avoid wearing the same garment two days in a row.
  4. After dusting/steaming, let the suit dry for a few hours and then return it to a felt/cloth suit bag to ensure it is protected in your closet.

For more information or to learn more, please contact us directly.

I Have Another Question

No problems. We are here to help in any way we can! You can reach us directly at bjacketsuiting@gmail.com, through our contact page, on our live chat website tool or by calling (07) 33997618.

We look forward to hearing from you.