How To Accessorise A Hired Suit

Hiring a suit can be a great way to save on money while still managing to look stylish and formal.

Suit accessories can give you a formal step up or a casual step down depending on the event, and even allow you to hire one suit for two opposing events - look at all the money you just saved.

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Here are some unique ways to successfully accessorise your hire suit:

Use a tie with your suit

Accessorising can be as simple as putting on a tie, and while this does at least create some variety - especially if you alternate between a bow tie and necktie - there are plenty of other ways to add style to your hire suit.

Add a scarf to your suit

One of the more trendy ways to accessorise a hire suit is by adding a scarf. While this look may not be appropriate for a black tie dinner, it lends a perfect casual note to a lounge event or informal lunch. A draped scarf distinguishes your hired suit from the bunch and will immediately dress down a formal suit.

Change up the shirt

Another way to add some personality and style to a hire suit is with a patterned shirt. A white shirt demonstrates that you can follow a dress code and look dashing at a wedding. However when the occasion calls for you to stand out out of the crowd in a hire suit, adding a patterned shirt underneath can drastically differentiate you from the guy next door.

Put in the pocket square

If you are looking to add a more formal look to your hire suit then sticking with a white shirt may be your only option. However you can still jazz up your style by using a simple pocket square. It's an inexpensive way to add both class and colour without taking away from the hire suit as a whole outfit.

The best way to wear a pocket square is with about an inch protruding in either a neat line or two triangles. If you are worried about the colour matching your hire suit then you can never go wrong with white linen.

Suit cuffs, lapels and flowers

A simple way to accessorize a hire suit is is with a lapel pin. Adding a small pin to the lapel of your hire suit can show a thoughtfulness and care with one's appearance. This can be important both at an event and within the workplace.

Similarly, the use of cufflinks can be a great way to discern your hire suit from the pack. They can be used for almost all occasions and come with many options and designs. This is where you get to have some fun while perfecting your cuffs and maintaining your personality.

Another way to add colour to your hire suit is with a flower in the lapel. This is one of the most forgotten trends and nowadays is almost exclusively used at weddings, however this doesn’t have to be the case. The lapel flower is set to make a come back and can be used to enhance a hire suit in both formal and casual situations. (You may also want to read should wear a necktie or bow tie with your hired suit).

You never have to feel boring and unidentifiable when hiring a suit with Black Jacket Suiting. Use these accessorising tips to change up your style and add some panache to your next hired suit.