- Made to Measure -

Want that superior personalised fit? Black Jacket Suiting has you covered with our in house made to measure tailored suit product range. With over 1500 fabrics and linings for Jackets, Trousers, Overcoats, Waistcoats, Tuxedo, Casual Pants and Shirts we work with you in complementing your shape and style with the setting you will be wearing your outfit in.

We understand we are all different and regardless your body shape we will be able to fit you. One of our specialists will take over 35 measurements of your body, to make your suit fit perfectly. We will also examine your posture and body type, as it is extremely important when getting a custom fitted suit. Within 3 weeks we will receive your order and we will book your second and in most cases your final fitting. If there is any adjustments required we would take care of it and we will have it ready within a day or two.

Book an appointment with one of our experts in store or for us to come to you, whether it be at your residence or workplace we are flexible. Appointments can be booked through our website, phone or e-mail.