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MUST HAVE Shoes for Men | Five Pairs of Shoes Every Man Needs

Mar 10, 2020

must have shoes for men
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Just because you’ve found the right top and finally got your pants tailored, doesn’t mean that your outfit is sorted. Without the right pair of shoes, a ‘perfect’ outfit can be far from ideal. It may sound dramatic of us to say, but what you wear on your feet can make or break an entire look. And, this is especially true if your shoes look like they’ve been around too many blocks in their lifetime. With our guide to the must have shoes for men, all your daily activities will be catered for. Have shoes at the ready for the office, the gym, the bar, or a wedding and you won’t need to visit the shoe shop for at least twelve months. 

1. The Black Dress Shoe

For those upcoming formal occasions or just a regular working week, the black dress shoe is a non-negotiable item of footwear to own. Every man should at least own one suit, so it’s natural to own a classic pair of black dress shoes. 

You acknowledge that ‘dress to impress’ means bringing your absolute A-game from head to toe, so a bit a polish can go a long way with ensuring your formal look is completed with a shoe that’s clean and scuff free. 

2. The Brown Dress Shoe

must have shoes for men

The brown dress shoe can be considered the younger, cooler cousin of its black equivalent. In today’s fashion world, brown is the new black so tan or dark brown is an acceptable alternative for occasions that are a little adventurous, yet still proper.

3. The Slip-On

must have shoes for men

A mix between casual and dressy, a pair of slip-on shoes rank highly on the list of must have shoes for men. As this type of shoe covers a range of different styles including the boat shoe and the tassel loafer, there’s room to pick your style accordingly. Since not every occasion is sneaker appropriate,  these casual shoes will serve you well for those situations where you want to advance your look. 

These slip-on shoes provide a comfortable and breathable casual-cool look for each smart-casual occasion (think: loafers and chinos). The safest colour options to guarantee their versatile nature are classic navy or tan. 

4. The Boot

must have shoes for men boot
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A pair of boots can be worn all year round and are a definite must-have for men. A pair of suede desert boots makes a casual, and comfortable addition to your wardrobe. For an edgier aesthetic, opt for a high-ankle black or dark leather brown boot and wear with cuffed pants.

5. The Low Top White Sneaker

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For that casual weekend look, a pair of white low top trainers tops the list of casual shoes every man should own. These shoes make up a casual, neat look when styled with jeans. Choose from a classic pair of converse, or opt for leather for a more luxurious look. You can inject personality into your style here with detailing of the colour, type or material of laces you choose to feature.

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