Planning A Wedding?


Planning a wedding is a daunting task. Like the hydra from the trials of Hercules, knock over one task and two more pop up to replace it. Food has to be tasted, entertainment to be booked, venues to inspect, dresses to be ordered, flowers to be arranged… It really seems like an endless list and its causing you some stress.

That’s where Black Jacket Suiting comes in. With a combined wedding experience of nearly 25 years, we take the weight of organising your groomsmens’ outfits off your shoulders. You don’t even have to know what you want, just give us a colour you want and we will walk and talk you through the rest.

Our motto of Fit, Style, Price is not just a motto, it’s a process and a core element of our business and is especially important to handling your wedding. Fit; because you need a suit that works on you and all your groomsmen. Style; does it have all the details you want and like? Price; because we know getting hitched is one of the most expensive things you will likely ever do.

Make a booking today and see why Black Jacket are the best in Queensland


Outstanding service. I got suits for myself and groomsmen who are ‘not standard’ sizes. Black jacket suiting sorted us all out and nothing was too difficult. Highly recommended.
— Callum B.
A truly wonderful experience! After many months of searching for the perfect suit for my fiancé for our wedding - we found it! We were so incredibly impressed with the incredible personalised service - shopping here was truly a pleasure!
— Caiti E.