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School Formal Suits

Jul 24, 2018

School formals are a special event in everyone’s life. Even mentioning them usually brings a smile to the face of even the most cynical of souls. Twelve years of blood, sweat and tears are all washed away in the space of a few hours.

They’re often the first time most young gentlemen-to-be will ever have to don a suit for a special occasion and hopefully only the first of many. A young man has university balls, nights out, days at the races, weddings, job interviews and countless other events that require a suit ahead of him, so why not make his school formal special?

Black Jacket Suiting understands the emotional and symbolic importance of the school formal and strives to make every school formal perfect. Being the leading supplier of menswear in Brisbane, we have just the thing for your first – or second or fifteenth – foray into the suiting world. Whether you want to buy or hireBlack Jacket Suiting will have the perfect choice for your perfect evening!

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