Black Jacket Suiting

Suit Hire Terms & Conditions

Effective May 2015


  1. Who do these terms and conditions apply to?
    1. They apply to the hirer of any garments, to anyone who takes possession of the garment and to anyone who provides
      Black Jacket Suiting with a cash payment or a credit or debit card (“charge card”) authority to a rental.
    2. When we refer to “you” we mean the hirer, anyone named on the charge card and anyone who takes possession of
      the garments. When we refer to “we” we mean Black Jacket Suiting Pty Ltd and affiliated businesses.
  2. What do I get from Black Jacket Suiting?
    1. You get garments in the type you have booked (or a comparable garment if the garment in that type is unavailable)
      for the period of time stated and agreed upon in store. These terms and conditions, a charge card receipt and any
      other documentation given to you by Black Jacket Suiting.

      1. Usual hire period, unless agreed otherwise is 48 hours from pick-up time to delivery time.
  3. What must I do before I take possession of garments?
    1. Before you leave the location from which you have rented your garments, you should inspect the garments and make
      sure they are in a reasonable condition. You should report any concerns you have immediately to the staff at the pickup location. You should also make sure that all pre-booked garments you have requested are present.
  4. What are my responsibilities?
    1. You must use the garments and any items or equipment supplied with it, only for the purpose for which they are
      designed and ensure that any equipment is treated with proper and reasonable care.
    2. You must take proper care of the garments and any equipment supplied with it, during the period of your rental, and
      return them to us in the same condition as when you collected them (except for fair wear and tear).
    3. You must return the garments by the return date and time and at the location from which you rented it unless we
      agreed otherwise. Failing express oral agreement in store by Black Jacket Suiting staff, clause 2 (a) (i) applies.
    4. You must provide a valid credit card for temporary statement purpose to Black Jacket Suiting, before release of the
      garments for the hire period.

      1. This statement will be provided back to you upon acceptable return of the garments, to be inspected by Black Jacket Suiting at time of delivery of the garments.
      2. We will collect personal information as part of your rental process. Any information will be handled in
        accordance, and exclusively governed by, the laws of the State or Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia.
  5. What happens if the garments are damaged, lost or stolen?
    1. You must notify us as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after an incident (unless there are circumstances
      under which it is impractical or impossible for you to advise within 24 hours, and you can provide documented
      evidence of those circumstances on our request), of any damage or loss that has occurred by contacting the location,
      manager or owner of Black Jacket Suiting and giving us full details. Failure to do this may require you to pay the full
      retail cost of any damage.
    2. You may have to contribute to the cost of repair or replacement of the garments depending on the condition returned
      or not returned to Black Jacket Suiting.
  6. When will you charge me, and how much?
    1. Before your rental begins we will charge you the full amount of the agreed rental fee for the period of hire.
    2. We may also pre-authorize your charge card, or take a cash deposit from you (when cash option is available), which
      will apply to any additional charges for which you are responsible. This amount will vary depending on the type of
      garments you have rented.
    3. In the event you fail to notify us and agreed otherwise with respect to meeting your responsibilities in regard to your
      return date and time, we reserve the right to charge a nominal late fee set at $10 per 24 hour period. This may be
      charged at any time post the first 24 hour period of late delivery of the garments.
    4. In line with clauses 4 (b) and 5 (a)-(b) and unless agreed otherwise we reserve the right to charge the full retail (shelf
      price) of the garments that were rented.

      1. We reserve the right to make full and reasonable assessment and decisions with regards to the need for repair
        or replacement of the return rented garments and you agree under the renting transaction to permit this.
      2. In the event the garments are found to be damaged as a result of your rental we reserve the right to charge
        your charge card for the cost of repair or replacement. In the case of replacement you retain the right of
        election to obtain ownership of said rented garments after this charge has successfully cleared.
  7. Other information with regards to your rental?
    1. Unless we are negligent or as required by law, we will not be responsible for any loss (including loss of profits), damage,
      costs or expenses which you incur, or death or personal injury to you or any other person as a result of your rental.
    2. To the extent permitted by law, our liability pursuant to any Australian law is limited at our option to the replacement,
      repair or re-supply of the garments for the remaining term of you rental.
    3. There terms and conditions will be interpreted in accordance with, and exclusively governed by, the laws of the State
      or Territory of the Commonwealth in which your rent you garments and the Courts of that State or Territory or the Commonwealth of Australia.