Black Jacket Suiting


Thank you for choosing Black Jacket Suiting for your garment hire. We trust you enjoyed the service
and we hope to be able to assist you in future with your menswear needs.

Please take time to read the terms and conditions page attached to this sheet, inside your wedding folder and/or attached to
your email containing your order details.

Please refer to the below table for a summary of our most common hire breaches and the penalties
that may apply:

BreachMaximum PenaltySection
Irreparable damage to the internal or external fabric of the garment, including rips, pin marks, stains and other damage. Full RRP of items damaged.5) & 6)
Removal of internal size or branding tags, which may be found inside vest, trouser or jacket pockets or lining.Full RRP of Garments.5) & 6)
Returning garments without hanger on which it was provided.$25.004) b.
Late return.$10.00 per suit, per day.4)
Returning garments to the wrong location, without prior notice.$25.004)
Failure to return garment after 14 days after declared return date (item is assumed lost or stolen).Full RRP of Garments.5)
Failing to provide us with a valid credit card to be charged.Referral to a debt collection agency.N/A
  1. This list is not exhaustive and further penalties may apply;
  2. Penalties are in addition to your hire fee;
  3. By paying a deposit on the suit hire you agree to the hire terms and conditions as well as being subject to the above penalties;
  4. In the event a penalty of full RRP is incurred you can elect (within 14 days) to collect and keep your item/s. Notice of this must be provided by you;
  5. There is no obligation to notify of an additional charges, we will however attempt to contact you prior to charging as a courtesy.