Black Jacket Suiting

Jesse Puloka

With my wedding coming up very soon, I wanted to go with a suit, despite the wedding being in the summer. Without any prior knowledge of tailored suits and only having experience from buying suits off the rack at major outlet stores (i.e. Tarocash, Politix, Connor, etc.), I decided to google search tailored suits in Brisbane and this store was the highest rated out of the stores I could see and was continuously popping up in my searches. I decided to give it a look and was quite interested after seeing the website. I decided to go in and have a look at what the store could offer me and I must say that the service given by Ryan was second to none. He made the whole process regarding my suit very easy and was so helpful at every stage, making sure what I wanted was prioritised. He answered all of my questions very well and made sure I was well looked after. I am highly satisfied with the service given at Black Jacket Suiting and will not hesitate to return to Ryan as I am confident that he will look after me again, as I’m sure he looks after all his clients. Highly recommend this store for anyone looking to purchase a reasonably-priced tailored suit for any formal occasion but especially for weddings.