Black Jacket Suiting

Mal. G

Hi All,
Would like to give Ryan a huge Rap, he is one of the most personable young men that I have had the pleasure to meet. His business ethics are second to none and he knows his business.Ryan measured and fitted me for a tailored suit for my wedding in July 2017, he is also kitting out my Best Man and Groomsman. My tailored suit arrived about a month ago and unfortunately it was Charcoal in colour not Black , the colour swatch he picked looked black but when made up into¬†the suit it wasn’t. Ryan rang me and gave me the news, with out hesitation he confirmed that the correct colour suit could be made and still be here for the wedding, this was at no extra cost to me and I could have the wrong colour suit for free. I went for a trial fit of the suit to make sure all was as it should be, it fitted like a glove, I have never been happier. The free suit is not the issue here, the point is that Ryan didn’t try to persuade me to take the first suit, he admitted his mistake and copped a loss on the whole job. Because Ryan was so accommodating about the whole thing I felt that at least I could pay the cost price for the first suit seeking as I got to keep it. Ryan very graciously and diplomatically declined my offer. I can’t recommend Ryan and Black Jacket Suiting highly enough, it has been a fantastic experience dealing with him.
Malcolm Gilbert.