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At Black Jacket Suiting we appreciate that every wedding is unique and may not fit the mould. If our wedding packages do not suit your needs you can customise your wedding package and get discounts along the way. 


Suit Purchase

If you are willing to spend a little bit extra for a wedding suit then you may want to consider purchasing a wedding suit or tuxedo. Buying a wedding suit is a great investment as you can wear it many more times other than just on your wedding day. By purchasing a wedding suit, you get the ability to have a wedding suit personally custom-fitted to your exact measurement and body type. You also have the power to choose your own material and pick the right colour to match your wedding. This makes things a whole lot easier when you’re trying to find a matching shirt, shoes, tie and accessories for your whole outfit.

Suit Hire

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to buying a brand new expensive wedding suit, then why not hire out a wedding suit? Some married couples say that suit hire is a bad idea. One concern customers have when hiring a suit is that they will be wearing a secondhand suit that will not fit perfectly for them on their wedding day. There’s no need to worry at Black Jacket Suiting. Our wedding suit hire service includes a personal custom fitting session. During this fitting session, we can find the exact measurements of body from top to bottom, and from our huge range of high quality suits, we can find you that wedding suit off the rack that will fit perfectly. This will put a lot of cash back into your pocket, which you can in return use on other things for your wedding.


We let our clients speak for us

These guys were swell! Tailored suits, hires and buys, groomsmen out of town and interstate, no worries. They were friendly, flexible, provided great advice, and we certainly got value for money. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Great range, great staff. Were very accommodating when one of our groomsmen’s suits turned out to be slightly too big – changed with no fuss. Suit pants were altered for free. Highly recommended.

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These guys have packages that include everything in one – suit, shoes, tie and cufflinks to purchase and keep at a really great price. Their suits are great quality and really well tailored to fit. My husby looked amazing in a dashing dark blue suit, perfection!

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