Find the Perfect Wedding Suits in Brisbane

Finding that perfect wedding suit for your special day could be the second hardest decision that you will have to make for your wedding.

While the bride is out there finding her dress, the groom is set out into the wild to find a suit that will perfectly match the the bridal gown.

The perfect wedding suit should complement the bride and her gown and allow her to gleam in the spotlight. There are several of types of wedding suits and styles, and choosing the wrong one could turn into a fashion disaster.

Whether you need a suit for a formal wedding or a garden wedding, we have put together a guide on how to find your wedding suit that will comfortably match your bride. (Read wedding suit accessories guide)

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Wedding Suits: Suit vs Tuxedo


Firstly, you should first decide whether you want to to wear a suit or a tuxedo. We are sure that you would of course look great in both a suit or a tuxedo. Ultimately it should all come down to the day’s theme and whether you want to look your best and stand out from the rest. You can wear a nice suit to a wedding but a tuxedo is a more nicer and dapper version of the suit. You don’t normally wear a tuxedo for business, so dressing up in a tuxedo might be right for the special occasion. So whichever is most suitable for your wedding you could either go for the suit or tuxedo, but we would recommend the tuxedo.

Wedding Suits: Classic, Modern & Slim

Secondly, you would want your whole outfit to fit you very well. All men have different body shapes; therefore, we recommend that you would choose from a range of 3 fits: classic, modern and slim. At least one of the 3 fits should be able to best suit your body type no matter what shape or size you are. At Black Jacket and Suiting we also do custom fitting to help you fit perfectly into your wedding suit

Wedding Suits: Tie vs Bow Tie

The general rule is that the bow tie is more formal than the tie. Depending on the style of wedding you can really choose between either. Some people say that bow ties are for tuxedos and ties are for suits. In reality, you can choose either option as both would help promote your look. But if you really want to look your best at the wedding in your ‘tux’, we would recommend going with the bow tie.

Wedding Suits: Colour vs Mono


At the end of the day, the groom should match and pair with the bride. The groom can choose between a colour or monochrome colour scheme depending on what the bride wears. So, it should really come down to the bride’s gown. It is recommended that if the bride is to wear all white, then a monochrome set for the groom will suit nicely. If the bride chooses to wear a specific colour, the groom should also go for matching colours.

When it comes to weddings, we are experts in our industry. Organising your wedding suit through us is not only stress-free, but our systems combine efficiency with cost-effectiveness in order for us to provide you with product diversity, expert knowledge as well as competitive prices.

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