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Should You Buy or Hire a Suit?

May 22, 2019

There are several occasions in life that will require the wear of a good suit. As such, many people often find themselves facing a difficult, yet crucial decision on whether or not to buy their suit, or hire their suit.

Well, should you buy a suit, or should you hire one? Here are some reasons why you should and shouldn’t.

Why you should purchase a suit

The most obvious reason why most people purchase their suits is to keep them. After all, suit stores like ours do stock designs that can be considered timeless. They’re made of high quality fabric, and, if treated well, can last for years. By purchasing a suit, you will be able to own a suit that you can proudly say is truly yours.

Choosing to purchase a suit can be particularly useful for those who require a suit on a regular basis. For example, there are jobs in all sorts of industries such as business, real estate, finance, government, hospitality, arts and law that require the repeated use of a suit. So when considering purchasing or hiring your suit, you should ask yourself: what will I wear this suit for, and how often in the near future will I wear it again? If you wear suits on a regular basis, you should probably purchase a number of suits.

Suits are also not as expensive as you may think they are. At Black Jacket Suiting, we have suits ranging from $99 – $2,500 so we do have suits that are available for every budget type.

Another reason why some decide to purchase a suit instead of hire one is for the customisability of the suit. When you purchase a suit, you can have it tailored to match your preferred fit. For those who would prefer to purchase for a custom fitting, we do have made to measure services where you can completely customise your suit; however, if you would like hire, we have over 100 different suit options, each with different measurements and styles, so suit hirers need not worry about finding an incorrect fit.

Why you should hire a suit

Hiring a suit may be logical for those who don’t need to wear a suit on a regular basis – especially as body shapes and fashion trends can change over time. By hiring a suit from us, you will be able to attend any special occasion without having to be locked into owning a suit you may not wear again.

By hiring a suit, you will be able to wear a high quality suit that could be a fraction of the price if you had to purchase it. If you needed to attend a one-off event such as a school formal or wedding, hiring a suit can be an economical way to look dapper during these memorable occasions. This can also prove to be a great way to stay on trend (you won’t have to be the person who wears the same suit on every occasion).

At Blacket Jacket Suiting, our suit and accessories range is always expanding to meet the needs of our customers. When you hire our suits from Bulimba, you will have a cost-effective opportunity to always wear the best.

Should you buy or hire?

To summarise above: it really depends on your situation and needs. Buying a suit (or a number of suits) is particularly important for those who require a suit regularly; it is also good to call a suit truly yours (especially if it marks a special occasion, such as your wedding). Read here about accessorising your hired suit.

Hiring a suit is an economic way to wear a particular suit that originally may be unaffordable if purchased. It can also be ideal for those looking to wear a suit during a one-off occasion, or to stay on trend while not breaking the bank.

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