Wedding Suits - Buy or Hire?

When planning your wedding, there’s always the age old dilemma: should you buy or hire your wedding suit? At Black Jacket Suiting, we offer both wedding suits to buy and hire, and we would like to show you how you can benefit from each service and help you make the choice a little bit easier.

Hiring Wedding Suits

If you are looking for a more cost effective alternative to buying a brand new wedding suit, then why not hire out a wedding suit? One concern customers have when hiring a suit is that they will be wearing a secondhand suit that will not fit perfectly for them on their wedding day. 

There’s no need to worry at Black Jacket Suiting. Our wedding suit hire service includes a personal custom fitting session. During this fitting session, we can find the exact measurements of body from top to bottom, and from our huge range of high quality suits, we can find you that wedding suit off the rack that will fit your shape. This will put a lot of cash back into your pocket, which you can in return use on other things for your wedding. 

We at Black Jacket Suiting only deliver the highest quality customer service by providing each client with the right fit, style and price. Our team understands that suiting up is a less frequent occasion for many gentlemen, and as such we accommodate this through our extensive wedding suit hire range for that special occasion. 

We offer current fashionable and trending styles and cuts to set our clients apart from the rest on any given occasion. Hiring your next suit through us ensures you will be wearing high quality and modern products at competitive prices.

Buying Wedding Suits

If you are willing to spend a little bit extra for a wedding suit then you may want to consider purchasing a wedding suit or tuxedo. Buying a wedding suit is a great investment as you can wear it many more times other than just on your wedding day. By purchasing a wedding suit, you get the ability to have a wedding suit personally custom-fitted to your exact measurement and body type. You also have much more choice of colour and style. This makes things a whole lot easier when you’re trying to find a matching shirt, shoes, tie and accessories for your whole outfit.

Nothing beats the look a tailored and custom fitted suit, fitting perfectly on a groom as he stands at the altar with his bride-to-be in her beautiful wedding gown.

After the wedding, you’re going to look back and reminisce on your wedding day.

When looking at the photos taken on the day, you will thank yourself for choosing Black Jacket Suiting and looking dapper on your wedding day. When it comes to weddings, we are experts in our industry. Organising your wedding suit through us is not only stress free but our systems combine efficiency with cost-effectiveness in order for us to provide you with product diversity, expert knowledge as well as competitive prices.

Contact Black Jacket Suiting for the best wedding suits in Brisbane, and book your custom fitting session. For more information about our wedding suits, enquire here today.

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