Do you keep getting invited to the same type of wedding over and over again, or are you struggling to find a wedding suit that will best suit not only your style, but that of your partner?

Weddings are different now compared 20 years ago. There are many different styles the groom can pull off on their wedding day, on the condition that you follow the sets of rules of wearing a good suit. If you follow the rules and guidelines, you are sure to to keep yourself the bride happy on the special day.

At Black Jacket and Suiting, we have narrowed down a list of 4 suit styles that are best suitable for a wedding. Our 4 wedding suits styles include:


The Black Tie/Formal wedding suit combination the safest option to go with for a wedding. The black tie wedding suit is the more traditional suit to wear on a wedding day. You can also wear a tuxedo for a more formal and elegant look. But either way, each suit will make you look your best and stand out from the rest and is an easier style to put off. You cannot go wrong with this suit.


If you are looking for a more relaxed and laid back style of wedding then semi formal suit is the way to go. If you want to avoid going the whole way with the black tie wedding suit or formal suit, then you can opt for a semi formal style. You can still look just as smart, classy and elegant in a semi formal suit than a tuxedo, just without the sophistication and the formality that the tuxedo portrays.


Similar to the semi formal style outfit, the cocktail/lounge suit can be worn on many different occasions and events. The suit works best in the dark solid or monochromatic colours. We recommend wearing a cocktail/lounge suit if the wedding ceremony is during the evening as the colour can match the environment and atmosphere of the wedding.


This style of suit is getting towards the more casual side of things although it still can have class and elegance when the suit is worn right. If you are wondering where and how to wear the suit, it’s simply in the name of category. This style of wedding suit is best for daytime outdoor locations, or for a spring and summer environment. This style of suit is comfortable to wear and the material allows it to breath easily.


With all these wedding suit styles in mind, the groom cannot forget the important task of accessorising. The suit is not yet complete without the accessories, so we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right wedding suit accessories. By Adding accessories such as a watch, cufflinks, tie, bow-tie or cravat, handkerchief, belt, socks and shoes, they can enhance the look by giving a taste of your individual design.

When it comes to weddings, we are experts in our industry. Organising your wedding suit through us is not only stress free but our systems combine efficiency with cost-effectiveness in order for us to provide you with product diversity, expert knowledge as well as competitive prices. You may also find it useful to read this guide if you are considering buying or hiring a wedding suit.

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