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Black Jacket Suiting is an independent clothing boutique that specialises in customised men’s suits for any event, formal or otherwise. A vast sartorial knowledge and passion for men’s fashion gives us the edge and sets us apart to most menswear retailers.

Our wide range of men’s suits presents you with a multitude of choices and fabrics to suit the needs of the modern man. We provide wedding suits, black suits for a black tie affair, lounge suits or just casual suits for whatever occasion you want to dress well for. The suits in our extensive catalogue will sure to give you that bespoke look that only we can produce.

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Suit Services

We offer a great and efficient online service, but our in store experience and customer service is unparalleled. Through our mobile suit pop up shop service, we offer to personally come into your work or place of residence (even after hours) and have us tailor your suit to your desired fit and style. In doing this, we create a personal profile of your own measurements that will make any subsequent purchases in the store that much simpler. This mobile service allows us to be more efficient and flexible and gives us around 3 – 4 business days for the suit to be complete. Them being an independent boutique, great customer service and personal relationships with the clients are a must, so we pride ourselves in each customer that walks into our doors to find that perfect men’s suit we desire.

Wedding suits are one of our specialties, as we will expertly handle your sizing and measurements with ease. And with our wedding suits of the highest quality at fair prices, it will make buying your wedding suit one less thing to worry about. We have a mantra of fit, style and price of which we attain for each and every client.

We know the intricacies of the men’s suit and with our comprehensive knowledge on menswear we understand that every fit and style is different for each man so we will tailor your suit with the finesse and skill, much like a classic tailor you see in Italy, but with a more modern look and suited for the 21st century.

Well known brands stock up the walls of Black Jacket Suiting, such as Studio Italia, Milano, New England, Shoreditch, Daniel Hechter, Boston, Cristian Brooks, Le’Win, Gloweave Fashion Biz, Brooksfield, Muski, Bennicci, Floreshiem, Rembrandt. As well as accessories such as cufflinks, shoes, pocket-squares, ties, and bow-ties to add flair and personality to your suit.

Designer and high-end suits are a hefty price to pay for trends that will quickly fade, but what Black Jacket Suiting offers is a timeless men’s suit at modest prices, with that personalised touch and a fit that will surely be sleek and modern that will surpass all trends and fads.

For tailored men's suits that are bespoke yet affordable, Black Jacket Suiting is the best option for you. Finding that best suit will never be a hassle, as we are the one stop shop for all your men’s suiting needs.

Our Location

Black Jacket Building
Black Jacket Suiting Location

Corner of Godwin & Oxford Street, Bulimba, 4171


Shop 17, 77 Oxford Street

Bulimba, 4171, Brisbane

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Business Hours: 07 3399 7618

After Hours: 0432 282 708

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Monday to Friday: 12pm-7pm

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We let our clients speak for us

Highly recommend. We got a custom made suit for my husband 4 off the rack suits for the groomsman and man of honour. High quality suits for a reasonable price.

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This place is exceptional. Their knowledge of all things sartorial and their customer service is second to none. Ryan is truly a master of his craft and will go above and beyond to help his customers wherever he can. Its no small surprise that whoever shops here will be a customer for life.

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The service I received at Black Jacket Suiting is second to none. I have always preferred custom made suits because you always get something that is made to fit. I have had a number of suits done now after visiting Ryan at the Bulimba store. I won’t shop anywhere else now.

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