HOW TO | Accessorise Your Outfits

Do you remember when you were a kid and you just simply had to have those bicycle spoke clackers that everyone in your neighbourhood was rocking? Or if you were a little alternative, you’d bust out the colourful streamers from the ends of your BMX’s handlebars. Whilst these accessories might have ultimately been pointless, they transformed your generic looking bike into something that was yours. The same goes for men’s fashion. Anybody can buy a suit and blend in to the hordes of other generic black and white outfits seen at the races or at weddings like a Men in Black convention. What takes true style is the way you accessorise said suit to stand out from the crowd.


Treat Your Suit Like a Blank Slate:

Just like in COD when you purchase the latest assault rifle for your character, you’re not not going to kit it out with all the modifications you can. When it comes to your suit, however, instead of extended mags, recoil suppressors and red dot scopes, you’re going to want to mod your wrist, waste and feet.

Start Off With a Watch:

In an age of smartphones where we literally carry the time around in our pockets at all times, wristwatches have started to become redundant. Whilst they might not always get used for their primary function, they still serve as an immensely popular accessory for both men and women. Having more than one watch, with different band colours and face types to match your outfit is a good idea to accessories each outfit accordingly.

Belts are a Must:

Whilst the black skate belt might have done the trick during your Macca’s employee days, it simply won’t do. Having no belt at all is another big no-no and makes it look like you forgot to dress yourself properly. Choose a couple of different belts to suit your varying outfits. Black doesn’t go with everything and sometimes a brown option is a much better compromise.

Don’t Forget the Shoes:

Shoes say a lot about a man. Depending on whether your shoes blend with the rest of your outfit, your choice could either make or break your look. This is why it’s always a good idea to invest in a handful of dress shoes in different styles and colours so you can match your accessories accordingly.



HOW TO | Show off Your Personality

Many people enjoy being unique with their style and making a statement that reflects a snippet of their personality. This does not mean you must resort to wearing outfits comprised entirely of outrageous or garbage like pieces just to find an outfit that nobody else could possibly be wearing. Read ahead for our tips on incorporating your personality into your style.


Business at the front, party everywhere else:

Just because you’re required to conform with your co-workers into another faceless office drone, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun with your wardrobe. It might not be anything dramatic, but even incorporating some socks with a fun print is a great way to show some personality. Plus, what better way to seduce Georgia from Accounts than by hitching up your pant leg and showing off those killer Pacman socks?

Floral is the new black:

For events that aren’t strictly black tie, try mixing things up with a vibrant floral tie or poppy seed bow tie. Such items serve as great statement pieces and help showcase your particular style without being over the top. For a truly eye-popping effect, try pairing your floral accessory with a plain blazer or shirt for the greatest impact.



MUST HAVES | Summer Smart Casual Style

Summer in Australia is a magical time of year when days are longer, beers are colder, music is louder and the nights are warmer. It’s a time of beer gardens, rooftop bars, beaches, road trips and positive vibes. It also serves as an ambiguous fashion grey area when it comes to guys dressing accordingly for certain venues. There are many popular drinking hotspots along the coast of every major city in Australia. Prime real estate locations which boast a beachside view, impressive rolling lawn and a rooftop to boot. These are the types of places everyone wants to be on a summer night, but you have to dress the part.


What Does Smart Casual Even Mean?

This is a horribly subjective description that has been confusing guests since the dawn of dress codes. Is it casual? Or is it smart? Do I wear one half fancy and the other half not? What if I’m more smart than casual or vice versa? Whilst smart casual can be interpreted differently depending on the context, the cultural environment and the type of event, it can typically be deemed to refer to a neat but overall informal style.

Keep it Classy, Yet Relaxed:

If you’re headed to some of the laid back, yet classy establishments on the beachfront, then you must match your outfit accordingly. Casual board shorts with a printed pattern are a great option as they bridge that divide between being informal and stylish. Pair this with a nice shirt, roll up the sleeves and loosen the buttons to deal with the heat, and you’re the walking embodiment of conversational class. Choose a pattern for one item one item of clothing or the other, and keep its counterpart neat and minimalistic.

Don’t Slack on the Shoes:

I know you were hoping to break last summer’s record for most amount of days in a row without wearing shoes, but your thongs just won’t cut it at a fancy coastal watering hole. This doesn’t mean you must face the sweaty man’s nightmare that is socks, but you’re going to have to up your shoe game just a little. Get your hands on a timeless pair of loafers or boat shoes and add them to your short and shirt combo. They’re perfectly acceptable to wear sockless and typically afford a degree of breathability through their open weave design.




When it comes to your outfit, belts hold everything together (literally). Yet with so many different belts lining the shelves of menswear stores, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you. And belts are accessories that every man should have at least a few of — a formal belt will look a bit out of place around khaki shorts while out in the outdoors, and a casual belt will look tacky while wearing a suit. Read ahead for our ultimate guide to buying the belts you need. 


It’s All in the Hips:

Unlike buying pants, it might not be the best idea to buy your exact size when it comes to belts. Instead, consider going a few sizes up. That way, if you do end up losing weight and dropping a few sizes, you can always have some extra holes punched in your belt quite cheaply. The general rule of thumb is to go two sizes up from what your waist size is.

Don’t Forget about Width:

The width of your belt is also an important consideration. Narrow belts are considered more formal, while wider belts are generally preferred when it comes to casual outfits. There is no universal rule, but as a general guide a dress belt will be around 1-1/4″ or 3.4 cm in width, while wider casual belts will be closer to the 1-1/2″ or 3.9 cm mark.

Reverse It:

Black belts go with all outfits, but can sometimes come across as a bit formal. And brown belts are generally quite versatile too, but might be a bit on the nose when worn with certain colours that don’t quite match. So why not get a belt that’s both? Nowadays, many reversible belts that are brown on one side and black on the other come with buckles that can easily be swivelled around, conveniently meaning that you don’t need to remove it to switch sides.


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HOW TO | Wear a Tie Bar

Tie bars give your outfit an extra layer of class and sophistication, but they also serve a practical purpose by holding your tie in place rather than having them flapping about in the wind and coming unravelled. As with all formalwear accessories, there are rules dictating how you should wear a tie bar, so read our handy guide ahead.


Stick to the Middle Ground:

It really is quite simple. The best place to clip on the tie bar is in around the centre of your chest, in line with your pocket square. Clipping it too low will mean that your tie billows out when you sit down, and having it too high means that it basically serves no purpose. An easy rule of them is to follow the between-third-and-fourth-button rule on your shirt.


Size Matters:

Ties come in many sizes and your tie bar needs to match. You never want your tie bar to be wider than the width of the tie, so if you regularly wear different sized ties it might pay to also have several different sized tie bars to go along with them. When it comes to determining what tie bar is right for your tie, the general consensus is that the bar should cover about three quarters of the width of the tie.



TREND | Mismatched Suits

Acing the art of suit separates can be tricky, but once you have the basics down, you will be able to create a unique look in no-time. If you’re a man with an eye for colour and keen to take on the challenge of pairing the right separates on your own, then read on to find out a few of our tips for getting that great look.


Pick Your Separates:

Firstly, don’t assume every piece in your suit collection can be used as a separate. Certain patterns such as pinstripe probably shouldn’t be separated, unless you are an expert at styling. For starters, try picking a few solid colours and a couple classic pattern pieces.

Keep it in the Family:

Make sure you are picking colours that are of similar tones. Don’t opt for warm coloured red pants with a cool coloured navy jacket, as this will only look clashed and you play the risk of looking like your kid dressed you this morning. Instead, choose a cool navy jacket and a cool, neutral trouser. Opt for all warm tones, or all cool tones, and keep your colour palette fairly complemented.

One Risk at a Time:

Opting for separates is already opting for a look that might not be necessarily tailored to match. So, when you’re picking your separates, make sure to only pick one contrast, to avoid any unnecessary clashing. If you have a patterned jacket, a safe bet is to choose a solid pant. Or, if you’re going for solid on solid, then choose only one colour to be the contrast piece, and make the other piece is a more quiet, complemented colour.




HOW TO | Dress for Cup Day

The time has come again: another season of spring racing to dress up for. Whether you plan on dressing for the Melbourne Cup or have a local cup that you’re eager to get to, spring racing is a crowd favourite, and the perfect opportunity to show off your creative style. Read ahead for our tips on impressing at the races this year.


Be Bold with Colour:

Cup Day is all about bright and light colours, which will also help keep you cool during the hot day. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to style, colour and pattern, and Cup Day usually encourages attention-grabbing looks. If you’re on the adventurous side, try green or red accessories and a bright cobalt blazer. If you’re more conservative in your style, try a navy blazer paired with a neutral trouser.

Think About Separates:

You have plenty of freedom to experiment with colour coordination during the race season, so why not try experimenting with separates? Choose a neutral-toned pant with a fun-coloured blazer, or vice versa. Make sure your colour palette complements, not clashes.

Stay Safe in the Sun:

Sunny racing days are widely welcomed, but remember to be wary of those harsh UV rays. You don’t want to be stuck in a dark, dull suit that locks in the heat and leaves you sweating and exhausted throughout the day. Instead, opt for clothing that is lighter in colour, like a beige trouser or a neutral shirt in a lightweight fabric. Then, accessorise! Think sunglasses and hats for some stylish sun protection.

Smart, Polished Shoes:

Don’t settle for your standard footwear, and don’t skip on polishing your shoes. Try a neat, tan shoe to match your coloured suit, or opt for a stylish loafer that exudes effortless luxury.



HOW TO | Ace Smart Casual

The ‘smart casual’ dress code is a complicated choice that can be testing even to those fashion experts. So, what do you choose? Jeans? Sneakers? A tie? Is a tee too casual? Read ahead on our core tips to help you effortlessly ace that smart-casual look. 


The T-shirt:

A t-shirt can easily replace a collared shirt in a more business/formal outfit that you’ve worn in the past. Pair smart suit separates, or choose a blazer and chinos to combine with your tee, and enjoy a relaxed yet professional look for an evening party. Choose plain colours and let the rest of your outfit do the talking.


A stylish knit is a great casual piece that you can play with. Get creative with details and add your own flavour with a layered button shirt and a neat pair of chinos. As knits are bulky, keep the bottom half light and streamlined so the overall look doesn’t seem too chunky.

Styling Up Jeans: 

Jeans are usually a casual option, but with the right pairings, your hosts won’t even blink at your jeans pairing. Opt for slim-fitted dark wash jeans, and keep things sleek, minimal and clean. Wear a lighter blazer over your jeans, roll them up to reveal some ankle and choose a stylish leather shoe to top it all off.


A simple fashion sneaker can help enhance a style and give the rest of your formal look a fun edge. Make sure you aren’t using your daggy, dirty pair, and have a fresh, clean pair ready. Pair with chinos or trousers to keep the look endlessly stylish, and choose a neat or coloured shirt that gives you the “smart” touch.



MUST HAVES | White Shirts

Every man needs a steady rotation of crisp white shirts. Often part of life’s big moments: your first formal, internship, wedding, promotion, deal-clinching moment – the white shirt has your back. Read ahead on all the types of white shirts you need in your wardrobe.


The New Standard:

Sure, white shirts are classic but they don’t need to feel standard issue. Choose a style that has a luxurious stretch for all-day comfort and a clean, impeccable fit. The result? A more sculpted, flattering look, and a feeling of comfort that you can take from boardroom to bar and beyond. 

Tuxedo Nights:

For your classier occasions, give traditional a modern twist with stylish updates like contrast panelling, comfortable stretch fabrications and hidden buttons that won’t break your clean silhouette. Pair with your black-tie suit and separates for easy Monaco-worthy class.

Weekend Cool:

There’s no better way to add a little sophistication to a weekend barbecue or relaxed brunch than a clean white shirt. Use a linen shirt for Italian-inspired beach-to-bar holiday outfits, or give weekends some polish by pairing a classic oxford with denim and leather boots.