HOW TO | Style Your Denim

Ahh the humble jean - your wardrobe would not be complete without a trusty arsenal of denim to see you through. While they are on constant rotation in most men's wardrobes, it is hard not to fall into the trap of styling them the same with each wear. We sometimes forget how amazingly versatile a great pair of jeans can be, and with little additions to your wardrobe each season, you can keep them looking modern and new for years to come.


Dressed Up:

While when you think about denim, your mind automatically thinks "casual", your favourite pair of jeans can actually give a modern edge to your tailoring. The result is a look that is dressed up enough for a night out, but with a modern streetwear edge. We love the combination of a perfectly tailored blazer, slim fit jeans and a shirt for busy Saturday nights. Add a pair of Italian leather boots or monkstraps and you are ready to hit the town.

Dressed Down:

Jeans are our go to weekend piece for two reasons - 1) they are comfortable as hell, and 2) they keep you looking sharp and sophisticated, even if you are just lounging around the house. A basic tee and a casual jacket thrown over your jeans is effortlessly cool, perfect for afternoon lunches and get-togethers on the weekend. Add a statement knit when you are off to face the elements in style. 


HOW TO | Match Your Tie with Your Shirt

The key to a successful business man isn’t his successful negotiating skills, it’s the way he dresses. Play your way up the ranks by making sure your shirt and tie game are as strong as you are.


You Have: Plain Shirt | Match With: Patterned Tie

There is nothing wrong with keeping simple with a great fitting basic white or block coloured shirt. It’s crisp and timeless, and will work with just about every suit in your wardrobe. While it is a safe option, it allows you to be a little more experimental with your ties. Play with colour, texture and pattern, let your tie be a statement maker. 

You Have: Micro Patterned Shirt | Match With: Slightly Patterned Tie

A micro pattern shirt, like a small check or a geometric print, is a great addition to your work wardrobe. They are still subtle, but show a little bit of personality. They are great for those who want to stand out in a more conservative office. Although your shirt does have a small pattern, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to a plain tie. A subtle stripe or an embossed paisley print are great options as they are still interesting, but don’t stick out too much.

You Have: Bold Shirt | Match With: Plain Tie

Your shirt is the statement maker – there is no denying it. A bold stripe or check can really bring a new life to your work wardrobe, but it gets a little tricky matching ties to it. If you are ever in doubt, a plain tie is always the way to go. Pull a colour out of the check, or pick something that will compliment your suit, and stick to plain, luxe silk. It’s fail-proof.


MUST HAVES | Staples for Every Business Man


1. A Comfortable Tailored Suit

While the word comfortable might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of a suit, we are here to tell you it should be high on your priority list the next time you need an update. Elastane in the fabric has just enough give to make movement comfortable.

2. Luxe Outerwear & Jackets

A pet hate of ours is hiding a beautifully tailored suit under an old, 'just pulled from the back of your wardrobe' overcoat. It is such a shame! Make sure your outerwear matches the level of sophistication of your tailoring. A classic black trench coat or a navy option is always a great choice.

3. An Arsenal Of Crisp Business Shirts

Once you have ticked the tailored suit box, you must not forget about your business shirt. A versatile collection of plain and patterned shirts can give the impression your wardrobe is vaster than it really is. Pair your navy suit with a bold red and blue check shirt for a Fun Friday look, and maybe switch the shirt for a slim lilac for that important business meeting. Same suit - completely different looks. Fit is an important factor to consider, as it can make or break a really great office look. 

4. Silk Ties

Many men underestimate the power of a really great tie. While small, it is an accessory that can really lift an outfit, as well as adding a little more of a personal touch. Our advice is to start with some basic block colours like burgundy and navy, then slowly add some stripes or polka dots to liven up your look. Quality is really important - you don’t want to detract from your lux Italian suit with a cheap looking, or feeling tie. Finish off the look with a tie bar and you’re ready for work.

5. A Statement Watch

While a Rolex is on the top of every businessman's wish list, it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself to a well-made watch while you work your way to the top. There are a variety of watch brands such as Daniel Wellington, Tissot and Casio to expand your collection.

6. A Versatile Winter Scarf

Wool scarves are another one of those 'forget about me until you need me' pieces. Investing in a quality, versatile scarf will not only last you a life time, but will ensure it doesn't detract from your overall look. We love navy or black for an understated addition to your wardrobe.

7. A Luxe Leather Bag

You should never have to sacrifice practicality for style. Opt for a black or dark brown colour, either in a messenger style with a long shoulder strap, briefcase for plenty of compartment space or the hold-all overnighter.

8. Patterned Socks

The key to success is all in the details, and socks are a detail that is easy to get right. Opt for a good quality black or navy pair for every day, and a pair of patterned socks to poke out from under your hem when you want to make a little more of a statement.

9. Statement Dress Shoes

If you ever wanted to gauge a man's attention to detail, look at his shoes. Are they polished and taken care of, or are they scuffed and worn? Make sure your shoes are never an after-thought, but rather add an extra edge to your work wardrobe. Our advice? Start with a staple collection of lace ups in black and tan, then add more unique pairs like monk-straps or boots, or pops of chocolate or burgundy.



HOW TO | Dress for the Long Weekend

The work year is in full swing, meaning long nights and short deadlines on the horizon. But we have a break in our midst, the long weekend is not too far away. Whether you're planning a weekend of R&R, or a few days to party, we will make sure you look your best doing it.


The Traveller:

Why not take someone special away for a long weekend getaway? Whether it is an escape to the countryside, a beachside vacation or a city adventure, it is imperative to get the packing right. A pair of jeans is a no brainer – comfortable for exploring during the day, and able to look sharp for dinner at night. Tee’s will treat you well in the sun, but always remember to pack a collared shirt – you never know where your holiday will take you.

The Social Guy:

The Social Guy knows how to make the most out of his long weekend. Spending the time catching up with old friends, and adding new friends to his circle are on the agenda. Looking sharp is a must, so you need a few key pieces that will be versatile enough to serve all weekend long. The hero items? A great blazer, a few versatile shirts, a pair of tailored trousers and a great pair of jeans. Bar hopping never looked so good.

The Relaxed Guy:

Need a couple of days locked away with Netflix? With endless hours of entertainment and three full days of free time, why not sit yourself on your couch with the one you love and binge watch Making a Murderer? Or gather some friends and throw a BBQ in your backyard? Skip the old sweats though, comfort doesn’t always have to mean your old, holey tees. A grey marle t-shirt and a pair of soft, stretch denim is exactly what we will be lounging around in this season.



HOW TO | Care for Your Denim

Gentlemen, we all know our aversion to reading instructions is real, and while your furniture may look like the picture on the box without you reading the instructions, we promise you that without instructions your jeans won’t look how you bought them for long. They are called care instructions for a reason – the only way to keep your denim looking the best it can is if you show them some tender love and care.



The beauty of pre-washed jeans are just that – they are pre-washed. This means the colour should not bleed out of the jeans, as well as them feeling soft and comfortable, just as if you had already worn them for six months. It also means they are already pre-shrunk, so purchase the size that feels most comfortable in the store for the perfect fit. We still suggest not to wash them regularly to keep the colour from slowly fading out.


The beauty of coated denim is that if you spill something on them, the coating usually allows you to simply wipe it away! To maintain the coated look, keep washing at an absolute minimum, instead spritzing them with specialised denim disinfectant spray to keep things feeling fresh. When the time comes to washing, cold hand wash is always preferred, so if you have the time your jeans will thank you in the long run. If you choose to throw them in the wash, put them on a cold gentle cycle. Make sure you turn them inside out, and pop in a garment bag to maintain the coating.


Raw denim is the trickiest kind to care for, but we promise you will end up with a pair of jeans so comfortable and perfect for your body that you will never be seen without them. Raw denim is named as it is because it is denim in its truest form, not pre-washed, pre-shrunk or distressed in any way. Typically, raw denim needs to be broken in, without washing, for six months or so. Premature washing will fade the colour much faster, and may cause the jeans to shrink. During the no-washing period, the jeans will soften, crease and naturally mould to your body. When your jeans need a refresh during this time, 24 hours in the freezer will do the trick – in a plastic bag of course!


Wedding Wine Fridays | with Black Jacket Suiting

Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting recently spoke to Loz from Wedding Wine Fridays about custom designed suiting. Loz is the Director of Velbella, one of Brisbane’s leading bridal hair and makeup brands. Wedding Wine Fridays is all about giving brides and grooms great content and showcasing quality vendors - and we’re stoked to have been featured on their channel.

In the video, Ryan discusses what those who don’t have ‘normal distribution’ (meaning those who are skinny and tall or short and large) can do when it comes to finding suits that fit. His tips? Most ‘off-the-rack’ suit brands have short, regular and long fittings which can be tailored to fit well.

When it comes to tailoring, taller men may want to have the shirt and jacket sleeves lengthened and have the sleeve buttons moved down. Shorter men who choose to have their jackets tailored (by bringing up the length) need to make sure that the end of the jacket doesn’t get too close to the pockets, which can’t be repositioned.

Ryan also mentions that when tailoring suit jackets, you should always get the shoulders right first and then taper and change the middle. For pants, you should get the thighs right first and then change the waist.

Realistically, there is only so much adjusting that you can do to an existing suit. If you have an irregular shape, the best option is often to have a suit custom made for your height, posture and size.

Black Jacket Suiting is the only company in Australia that does off the rack hiring and tailor making. If you have any questions about our range, contact us today.

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HOW TO | Care for Leather Shoes

They say you never really know a man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes. We beg to differ - all you need to do is take a look at his shoes and they will tell you exactly the man he is. Shoes are one of those make-or-break accessories. They have the ability to make a casual tee and jeans look like a million bucks, or to make an Italian wool suit look considerably less luxurious. A great pair of leather shoes will last you the distance - if you know how to look after them. Trust us - a little TLC will keep them looking as good as the day you bought them.


Step 1: Lightly Clean the Shoes

Before you start applying polish to the shoes, you need to prepare them. Using a clean cloth and a light spray of water, lightly rub the surface of the shoes to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. This ensures a dirt-free surface, and avoids any unwanted scratching of the leather prior to conditioning. Wait for them to be fully dry before proceeding.

Step 2: Buff to Remove Dirt

It is always good to buff the shoes first, as it removes any dirt that is trapped in the seams.
Now it is time to use some muscle! Spend a few minutes with your brush buffing all over the shoe to level out any scuffing or marks on the shoes. Don't be afraid if you see some light scratch marks on the leather after buffing, as the conditioner will fill these in and remove them. Do not use a brush on any patent or suede leather shoes, as it will damage the leather.

Step 3: Shine and Condition the Leather

Leather is a skin and needs to be routinely moisturized, otherwise it can dry out and crack. When it comes to the conditioner, always use a pea size amount at a time, and re-apply as needed. Using your cloth and conditioner, buff the conditioner into your shoes in small layers, using tight, circular motions. Once you have covered the entire shoe surface, use your cloth to lightly wipe away any excess product. It is best to apply the conditioner onto the cloth first, instead of directly onto the shoe.

Step 4: Final Polish

After the initial shine, leave the shoes alone for around ten minutes. Using your cloth, tightly wrap it around your finger, and in circular motions quickly go over the whole shoe to give it a final shine. You are now good to go!

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TREND | Cotton Blazer

As the temperature continue to rise, looking good and feeling fresh are never more important. You need an ensemble that says laidback cool, but equally says sharp and sophisticated – and that is where a cotton blazer comes in. We have put together our favourite blazer looks for the season, perfect whether you are heading off to work, out for drinks or lunch with friends.


The Beachside Bar:

Who doesn’t love lazy days in shorts and short sleeves? It is the ultimate summer look, and we don’t doubt you will be sporting both throughout most of the summer months. But what happens when the sun is out, but the occasion is a little dressier? Throw a cotton blazer over the top of your favourite ensemble for a polished, smart look that is light and breathable.

Saturday Night Drinks:

Stand out this Saturday night with a blazer in a bright, punchy colour. Want a statement-making look that is sure to turn heads? A blazer is blue or emerald green will do the trick. Anchor down the look with navy and brown accessories and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Sunday Lunch:

In our minds, weekends are reserved for comfort – but one should never have to sacrifice style to achieve it. Cotton t-shirt’s are a must, with stretch denim or cotton trousers their perfect companions. Add a blazer to the equation (whether you opt for something as sartorial red colour or a staple in navy), then finish with your favourite driving shoes.



HOW TO | Be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Whether you like it or not gentlemen, wedding season is in full swing, with March being the most popular month of the year for couples to tie the knot. One weekend you may find yourself in the tranquil hills of a winery, the next on the dunes of a beach, or a traditional place of worship. This can pose some tricky sartorial questions – most important of all, what are you supposed to wear? 


The Church Wedding:

For religious weddings, a slightly more conservative approach would be advised. A navy or grey suit will do the trick, paired with a crisp, white shirt for timeless elegance or to add a pop of colour, consider a pale blue shirt – just make sure you tone down your tie. For your feet, Oxfords, Derbies or Brogues in black or brown provide fail-safe options. Complete the look with a classic pair of cufflinks (tie bar optional).

The Winery Wedding:

Winery weddings are as easy to dress for as the wine is to drink. Dress for the occasion in something rich and beautifully tailored – think wool suits in deep blues and reds, beautiful silk ties and leather shoes. While just as formal as a ceremony in a house of worship, a winery backdrop allows you to play with colour, pattern and texture, and stand out a little from the crowd. 

The Beach Wedding:

This is slightly tricky territory – a formal occasion in a relaxed environment. What do you do? Lightweight fabrics and neutral tones are a smart choice here – a linen blazer worn back with navy chinos, a crisp white shirt and a pair of loafers will see you through, but nothing beats a cotton suit. Complete the look with a pocket square, folded carelessly.



HOW TO | Be Best Dressed in the Office

Making a statement at work (for all the right reasons) is an important mission to accomplish. It becomes the difference between blending into the crowd and demanding attention, between worker bee and leader. At the end of the day, if you look the part, you’re half way there – no hard work required.


The Suit:

When buying a suit for the office, there are a few things you must look out for – the fabric and fit being the most important. Wool is the most premium suiting material money can buy, and the Italians know how to turn that wool into something special. It is durable (if you care for it properly), so a good wool suit should last you the distance, and as it is a natural fibre it keeps your body at a comfortable temperature all year round.

A suit jacket should fit you like a glove, snug enough to define your shoulders and waistline, but loose enough to move around in. For work, the trouser fit should be somewhere between ‘baggy old man slacks’ and ‘rock god painted on’ – something that has room to move around the thighs but tapers down the leg. Only a lucky few can purchase a suit off the rack, with alterations needed to ensure your final look is polished.

The Shirt:

So you have the suit sorted, now for what you wear under it. A crisp, white shirt should never be overlooked, as it adds a level of sophistication to any ensemble. However, don’t feel like you have to stick with whites or pastels – venturing into printed territory is just as acceptable. Stick with a print that is small and in a mute colour, otherwise you can’t go wrong with the humble check. It’s a fine art, matching suits and shirts – one that we endeavour to decode in future posts.

The Accessories:

Your sartorial armour is not complete without a touch of leather. Whether you opt for a butter tan brogue or a high shine black boot, make sure your accessories are never an after-thought, but the stylish full-stop to your outfit. Don’t forget the matching belt. For the finishing flair to your ensemble, look toward the ties, pocket squares and jewellery. Pair a bold regular tie with a pocket square and tie bar – and look, style master, you’re ready for work!