HOW TO | Wear a Suit Properly

The suit really is the be-all and end-all of style. It’s something every man should own, and it’s something that instantly makes you look and feel better. Even if you’re the definition of ‘I’m not really a suit guy’, there will be occasions (weddings, job interviews, events and more) where you’ll be required to wear a suit. Read our rules that you should follow when wearing a suit.


1. Unfasten The Bottom Button On Your Blazer

When wearing a two-button blazer, you should always unfasten the bottom button on the jacket. This offers a better silhouette and doesn’t restrict your movement. On a three-button suit either button just the middle button or the top two.

2. Don’t Let The Fit Let You Down

Fit again really is key to pulling off a suit. Remember, if you buy an ‘off the rack’ suit you can get it altered to fit as it should. Here are some things to consider…

Shoulders – The blazer should sit flat on your shoulder and the top of the shoulder on the jacket should be the same length as the bone underneath it.

The Trouser Break – This is up to personal preference but a general rule is the trouser cuff should fall neatly at the top of your shoe. The trouser will often fall a little bit longer at the back then at the front, and there shouldn’t be any loose fabric bunching up at the bottom.

The Mid Section – The jacket should be brought in slightly roughly at the waist to better complement your shape, and this isn’t a difficult adjustment. When buttoning the blazer it should close without creating strain, and again there shouldn’t be any loose or scrunching of fabric around your midline.

The Sleeve Length – More on this in a minute, but the jacket sleeves should show half an inch of shirt cuff. They’re too long if the pass your shirt, and they’re too short if the show more than an inch of cuff.

3. Match Your Leathers

A simple rule but one a lot of guys forget to apply. If you’re opting for a brown pair of shoes, go for a brown belt to match. The colour grade doesn’t have to match perfectly but avoid the black belt and brown shoes combination. Opt for a thin belt over a large one, and make sure the buckle is understated but classy.

4. Unbutton Your Suit Before Sitting Down

When sitting, unfasten the buttons on your blazer. When standing up again, fasten them as you should.

5. Expose Your Sleeve Cuffs Half An Inch

Often overlooked, this small detail can make a huge impact. It’s a minor adjustment to alter the sleeve lengths on your jacket and you’ll want them to expose half an inch of shirtsleeve. When letting your hands rest down at your side your shirtsleeve should finish at your wrist, not fall over your hand.

6. On A New Suit, Remove Stitching On The Vents

When buying a new suit you’ll tend to find the vents at the back (if you have them) are stitched up, alongside the pockets. Gently using a pair of scissors remove the stitching before wearing the suit.

7. Don’t Stuff Your Pockets

If your trousers fit as they should, you’ll often find they offer a slimming appearance. Therefore, stuffing your pockets with a phone, a wallet, gum and car keys will have a negative effect on your overall appearance. Store them in your coat pockets or store the items evenly in the inside pockets of your blazer.

8. Polish Your Shoes

It sounds simple but forgetting to polish your shoes is a schoolboy error. It doesn’t take long, and it will help maintain the investment of a good pair of shoes.

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HOW TO | Tie a Windsor Knot

The Windsor, also known as the Double Windsor or the Full Windsor (we know, confusing stuff), is probably the second most common way to tie a tie after the four-in-hand (the one your Dad tried to show you in that designated father/son time you had to go through as an awkward blackhead-laden teen). The knot sits wide against your collar and should be a perfectly symmetrical triangle. Take your tie game up a notch.


Step One:

Hold the tie around your collar with the wide end on the right and the skinny end on the left. Leave the skinny side short because you’ll need the extra length for the knot. Lift the wide end over the skinny end, only moving the wide end as you do this.


Step Two:

Pull the wide end up through the neck loop from underneath and then pull it back to the left.


Step Three:

Then pull it around the skinny end to the right but lifting it up, over and through the neck loop and back down to the right over the top.


Step Four:

Move the wide end across the front to the left and then up into the neck loop from underneath.


Step Five:

Breathe out. You’re nearly there. Bring the wide end down through the loop you’ve created in the front and tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Then it’s just a matter of sliding the knot up and adjusting according to the size and tightness you want.


MUST HAVES | 21 Habits of a Stylish Man

When being stylish is something you do effortlessly, it means you have reached a level of mastery. But what are the habits that stylish men adhere too? Read ahead on 21 habits of a stylish man.


1.       They’re confident in what they wear.

2.       Everything he wears fits.

3.       He knows his tailors name.

4.       He knows less is more.

5.       They’re not afraid to spend money on quality.

6.       They’re not obsessed with brands.

7.       He has a wardrobe built around his lifestyle.

8.       His wardrobe is organised.

9.       They don’t brag about how good they look.

10.    They don’t dish out the style advice.

11.    They don’t plan ahead.

12.    They know their barber.

13.    They look after their clothes.

14.    They pay attention to the finer details.

15.    Workout clothes stay at the gym.

16.    They know their measurements.

17.    They know the rules (but aren’t afraid to break them).

18.    They have a grooming routine.

19.    They clear out unused/unworn clothes.

20.    They have mastered their signature scent.

21.    They know it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. 



TREND | Braces

An old school necessity, braces have returned to their former glory and are making their way back to the men’s fashion arena. So now the only question remains, how does one wear braces?


Throwback to the 20th Century: 

If images from the early 1900s are to be believed, pants threatened to go flying off a man’s person at a moment’s notice and needed to be firmly secured in place. Now, however, most pants are designed to hug one’s waistline snugly, forgoing the need for braces or belts. This hasn’t stopped the return of the braces, though, as gents everywhere embrace this time-tested accessory in a myriad of increasingly dashing ensembles.

Brace Yourself, Style is Coming:

Whether with a dark minimalistic suit, or jeans and a polka dot shirt, braces can complement a wide range of different ensembles whilst adding a flair of class and sophistication to almost any look. Most people when they envision braces or suspenders, see them going with a businessman in a suit, but this look is not restricted to corporate types alone.

Nail that smart casual look and rock the classic blue jeans and white long sleeved top whilst sporting some skinny styled braces. Dial up the dapper a notch and pair your braces with a bowtie and shirt for a quirkier look. Leather braces are also a great opportunity for you to match your other accessories, such as shoes, watch band or even a satchel.


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MUST HAVES | Sneaker Styles

If the past few years in menswear have proved anything, it’s that kicks are key. With the overarching instinct in menswear now being to loosen up, trainers are increasingly seen as acceptable, if not preferable, alternatives to ‘smarter’ footwear styles like Oxfords and loafers. These are the three kicks that’ll cover all your bases.


The All-White Tennis Sneaker:

Clean, minimalist sneakers are about as close to a dress shoe as a trainer gets. They look great with denim and can dress up a smart-casual outfit. Don’t forget to use a waterproofing and leather protection spray to keep them in pristine condition.


The Fashion Runner:

Lightweight, breathable and boasting an incomparable level of comfort, the runner puts performance first. But it’s not all function, no form: the latest running styles look as good with a smartly cut trouser as a pair of training shorts.


The Slip-On:

The slip-on sneaker deserves a place in every closet – if only for its ability to be worn with shorts, lightweight chinos and distressed jeans. Choose a canvas version in a colour like beige, black, grey and navy for optimal wearability.



MUST HAVES | Winter Knitwear

Just because the temperature is dropping and the rain is falling, it doesn’t give you an excuse to leave your house donning an outfit that resembles the abominable snowman. Leave that frumpy scarf and resist the urge of trying to make that ragged jumper “work” because we’re about to give you our best tips on looking sharp while staying warm this winter season with our must-have knitwear essentials. 


V-Neck Sweater:

The V-neck sweater is a wardrobe classic that will work hard for you on its own and as a layering piece. With its signature V cut out at the neckline, it is designed to flatter and streamline your silhouette by elongating and adding height visually. From casual everyday to smart occasions, it will supercharge your look with timeless style and provide added warmth through the chilly months.

For the office: Keep your look refined by opting for a V-neck sweater with a thinner and lighter fabrication and in a more conservative, solid hue. Layer over a dress shirt with a crisp collar and add a subtle statement or colour pop with a patterned tie. For extra warmth, pull together your outfit with a blazer or overcoat.

For off-duty days: For casual occasions, experiment with heavier fabrics, fun patterns and bolder colours. Keep it simple by layering over a basic tee or an untucked shirt; and for another layer, add a leather jacket or your go-to bomber jacket over the top for effortless street style.

Crew Neck Sweater:

A no-brainer, the humble crew neck knit should be considered a staple in any modern man’s collection of winterwear. A workhorse of knitwear and the V-neck’s rival, the crew neck jumper will be your best friend when it comes to keeping you comfortably while looking ever-so put together through casual Fridays at the office and lazy weekends. From luxe merino wool variations to chunky ribbed the styles, your options are endless.

Loud up top: With so many styles to choose from, you might as well have fun while you’re at it. For thinner, lighter knits, brighten up your outfit with a burst of colour; think a rich jewel tone such as emerald green or a classic red. With a thicker knit, you’ll want to opt for a statement pattern or a cheeky graphic print. Keep your crew neck the focal point by pairing with a plain bottom half.

Understated style: If you’re after a cleaner look, stick with a neutral palette and pair your crew neck top with a buttoned-up oxford shirt and dark denim jeans. Add a touch of interest by experimenting with different weaves such as a waffle knit, cable or mixed ribbed design. Turn it up a notch for the office with dark slacks, leather brogues, and an overcoat over the top.


The perfect on-the-go piece for those of you that are weary of temperature fluctuations, the cardigan offers flexibility and is easily removable or thrown on at a whim. When it’s just starting to get cool and winter is still being a tease, the cardigan is your trans-seasonal staple and can simply be worn on its own over a short or long-sleeved t-shirt. When the blistering cold finally hits, it makes for the perfect layering essential with shirts, jackets and overcoats.



MUST HAVES | Leather Work Bags

Why Leather?

Leather is a beautiful, natural material that has a variety of uses. The end product can either be a soft, hard, textured or suede leather, which is then used to produce bags and other leather goods. The benefits of leather bags is that they are highly durable, and overtime develop their own patina and unique look.


A Bag with Character:

Much like your favourite pair of raw denim, leather ages in a similar way, developing a “patina” as oils from your skin and other elements of the environment absorbs into it. Patina isn’t a negative; instead, it’s the main reason people fall in love with leather. In order to actually get a nice patina on your item, you have to do one simple thing—use it. Over time through natural wear, splashes of water, oils from your skin, and even the sun will cause a patina to develop, which will give your bags its own individual appearance.

The Leather:

Saffiano Leather

Saffiano is a textured leather, meaning that it is a treated leather made with the texture pressed on it by a machine. It gives the leather a cross-hatch finish, which is a special diagonal pattern that was created in 1913. This calf hide leather is also finished with a wax treatment. As a result, the leather is pretty much scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Calf Leather

Calfskin products are known for their soft texture and their high durability even in harsh conditions. Calfskin is tougher and withstands abrasion better, so is the perfect leather to use on bags.



HOW TO | Dress for the Winter Races

If you’ve ever wanted a foolproof guide to the do’s and don’ts of dressing for the winter races, look no further. These easy-to-follow tips for getting men’s race wear right will save you time, and trouble, when you're putting together your outfit – or looking to up the ante in the fashion stakes – for race day. 



Get the Right Fit:

It doesn’t matter how expensive your suit is, if it doesn’t fit right, you’ll still look like a slob. When buying a suit, make sure you’re fitted with the right cut for your size and body shape. After buying off-the-rack, don’t be afraid to take it to a tailor to make the necessary adjustments to achieve a perfect fit.


For the most part, keep your accessories simple and subdued, but don’t be afraid to add a little flair with items like patterned pocket squares, bold socks and lapel flowers.

Strong Shoe Game:

You’re not in the office anymore, it’s race day! The perfect occasion to bust out the brogues, double monks or penny loafers. Browns, dark burgundies are the perfect complement for a grey, blue or navy suits.


Sports Sunglasses:

Remember you’re spectator at horse race, not a cyclist in a velodrome. Any eyewear that was designed with an advanced aerodynamic frame, should not be worn to the races.

Ill-fitting suits:

Never show up looking like a kid who borrowed his dad’s suit for a dress-up party.

Novelty Attire:

Just because The Simpsons is your favourite TV show it doesn’t mean you need to wear Homer around your neck.




MUST HAVES | Winter Essentials

If your winter wardrobe feels lacklustre, it’s time to explore the power of accessories. Most of us understand the basics of dressing for the cold, and as mornings become frosty; our sartorial choices start to catch up. Jeans and trousers are favoured over shorts, t-shirts are traded for shirts, and suddenly you’re taking a jacket with you everywhere you go. By the season’s peak, all of us appreciate the beauty of a sturdy winter coat.

Staying warm isn’t rocket science. But staying warm in style? That’s an art. We’re here to show you how it’s done. Accessorised well, even the most basic of outfits can turn heads. From beanies to backpacks, broad-brimmed hats to boots, final touches are key to making a statement in the blistering cold. Keep reading for your winter essentials check list, to put your most handsome foot forward this winters.