TREND | Spring/Summer Suits

Of course, a suit is a year-round essential that transcends time and trends, but for the sun-soaked summer-months, there are a few smart choices to be made. From modern and classic styles to brightly coloured and patterned designs, here are the four suits needed to make the summer months the hottest yet, sartorially speaking.

The Contemporary Suit:

A well-fitting, single-breasted, two-button suit with a fuss-free notch lapel and minimal trouser break is the epitome of modern. Take advantage of merino wool’s natural temperature regulating properties or 100% cotton/cotton-linen options as a smart way of staying cool and comfortable. Colour is dictated by where the suit will mostly be worn. Charcoal, grey and navy suits are the safest bets for professional environments. Perfect for moving from office to bar, these refined hues have a timeless appeal that can be livened up with a more colourful tie or kept simple and classic.

The Occasion Suit:

For a sleek alternative to sober navy and grey options that’ll serve well for almost any warm-weather event, opt for something in a bolder (or even, softer) shade of blue or a seasonally-appropriate neutral such as beige. To remain smart but with a cool air of informality, style this suit with a slim-cut shirt, textured tie, printed pocket square and pair of quality loafers or brogues. Equally, to dress it down for a more casual event, lose the tie, unbutton the shirt collar pair with clean white sneakers for an effortless outfit.

The Statement Colour/Pattern Suit:

Looking to make a bigger sartorial splash? The spring and summer months are the best in which to experiment with colour and pattern. If going down the statement suit route it’s advisable to opt for a skinny to slim cut, which aligns perfectly with this style’s contemporary, youthful feel. Slightly cropped or turned-up trousers also work to further emphasise this fashion-forward approach. Wear this look with confidence!


HOW TO | Detail Your Suit

Detailing your suit the correct way will bring your appearance up by miles – from looking like you work a boring desk job to being the boss of the people working a boring desk job.

Be bold and out there. Best of all, be yourself. Have your own style and be different from the rest of the crowd. Most of the colour matching rules do not apply to most “fashionistas” these days. The only rule we go by is to match one colour on your tie with one colour on your pocket square.

Here are the essential needs to detailing your suit; A tie, pocket square, lapel pin or flower, tie bar and most importantly, a watch. Bracelets and other jewellery are bonus points.


TREND | Tailored Man

Power dressing is back in a new, modern way for menswear. While a relaxed fit has become popular due to more casual work environments, tailored and sharper cuts are coming back to the fore. 

The Style
Business suits come in two-button styles, and the 3-piece suit is no longer just for weddings or formal events; make it your signature style for work when cooler months roll in.

The Colour
Blue suits continue to be a trend, but stand out from the pack and move on to grey suits. Look for plain or check grey suits and pair with a simple black shoe.

The Shirt
While a classic white shirt is well, classic, mix it up and wear a printed shirt under your suit. Dare to wear one with mini-floral print or paired with a graphic tie.



MUST HAVES | Styles of Business Shirts

Men are known to be practical and bulk shoppers. Save unnecessary hours in the shops and read ahead on the five key styles of business shirts you need in your wardrobe.

(1) The Twill Shirt

Why you need it: Twill is a heavier weight fabric and is more suitable for the cooler seasons. It also holds its shape and is easier to iron.

(2) The Classic Fit Shirt

Why you need it: A generous fit with typically a longer body or tail, a classic fit shirt allows movement without having to worry about straining around the arms and back, or buttons popping.

(3) The Solid Shirt

Why you need it: Plain and dependable, a solid-coloured shirt should be one of the staples in your business shirt rotation. It goes with everything and will never clash with a printed tie; perfect for days when mixing and matching prints is the last thing on your mind.

(4) The Micro Print Shirt

Why you need it: A micro-print shirt breaks up a full suit and adds a bit of fun to your business look. It's also a preferred option for those who work in a more casual environment.

(5) The Dinner Shirt

Why you need it: Wear to special occasions, particularly when a bow tie is required. 


TREND | Blue

When it comes to wearing blue this season, it’s all about balance. Blues are set to dominate in menswear this season, creating a seamless transition from warm summer days to crisp autumn nights. From classic navy, to striking cobalt, to deep indigos, the new palette will offer a hue for every occasion. Keep reading for three ways to get on the blue bandwagon this winter.

Experiment with Texture:

Embrace the versatility of a classic blue denim jacket by paring it back with contrasting textures – soft wools and cotton shirts make great options for brisk autumn days. For colder conditions, embrace this season’s quilted trend, as seen on the international runways of Paris and New York, with statement blue outerwear pieces.

Brave the Double Blue:

For those days where one statement piece just isn’t enough, you can always rock blue on blue. Nothing says confidence like a complete tonal takeover. To try out the look, start with a pair of classic dark wash indigo jeans, teamed with tailored button down shirt and casual sneakers. 

In the Navy:

We can’t talk about blue without mentioning navy. Restrained, sophisticated, and as timeless as colours come, this shade can do no wrong. Make the most of navy offerings this season with statement knitwear – patterned or plain – and classic collared shirts. 



As Winter approaches, there’s no other colour you need to inject into your wardrobe other than khaki. Neutral enough to suit just about any style or occasion –  be it a slouch chino, an oversized tee or a throw-over jacket – the cool olive tone fits right in each winter without fail. Push up your collar and throw on a beanie because we’ve broken down the key khaki pieces you need this season and how to nail the trend.


Winter is the epitome of unpredictable, so be prepared with light layers that are versatile. A puffer gilet is the gateway piece for mastering this look – layer over a long sleeve tee or light-weight knit and you’ll be ready for whatever the weather has in store. 


The cooler weather brings with it a slew of fabrications to play with. It is the perfect time to work textures such as fleece, cashmere, cable knit and grosgrain into your outfit. Try a high sheen button-up as an alternative to a cotton shirt, paired with dark denim and combat boots for high contrast effect. 


MUST HAVES | Made-to-Measure Suits

In a world where you can buy entire outfits online from the comfort of your home, the concept of made-to-measure can feel luxuriously self-indulgent. But there’s a reason we’ve seen resurgence in the popularity of bespoke tailoring of late. The reality is, there is simply nothing quite like personalisation. The answer to your wildest wardrobe dreams, made-to-measure clothing offers more than just the perfect fit, it delivers the perfect fit for you. Here are a few reasons why made-to-measure suiting is a great option not only for special occasions, but for your every day. 

For the Fit:

It’s no secret that good fit is hard to find. Hours can be spent trying on options from what feels like hundreds of different brands, until finally you find something that seems to work. But why settle for something average when you could have something created on-spec? When you opt for made-to-measure suiting an expert tailor will modify each garment to the shape of your physique. That means less time worrying if your cuffs are sitting right, and more time feeling confident in your chosen ensemble.

For the Feel:

Getting dressed isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good, too. And there’s nothing quite like the confidence that comes from wearing a garment made just for you. Made-to-measure clothing gives you so much more than just perfectly-aligned buttons and hems that fall just so. When you step out in a garment made for you, you step out with unbridled confidence, in comfort and in style. 


HOW TO | Assemble a Winning Work Look

Sometimes it takes something extra to stand out from the sea of suits flooding the foyer, the lift or the boardroom. Whether it's experimenting with textures or contrasting old-school style with contemporary accents, stepping outside your style comfort zone is a great way to get noticed – in a good way. Taking the first step towards becoming a fashion savant is the hardest, so read our guide to help you pick out some winning looks of distinction.

Begin with the Basics:

A contrasting blazer and trouser combo is the simplest way of experimenting with your daily work gear. It breaks up the linear aesthetic of more traditional suiting. 2The trick is to team items that, while each contributing to the overall look, aren't all competing for attention. For example, a navy check modern-cut blazer, teamed with the simple elegance of grey wool pants will create a pleasing juxtaposition. For a more sophisticated statement, try a double-breasted jacket teamed with trousers of the same hue to produce a chic tonal effect.