MUST HAVES | Father’s Day Presents

Stuck on what to buy your Dad for Father’s Day next week? We’ve got you covered. So whether the Dad in your life is an adventure-loving Action Dad, a stylish Dapper Dad, or a timeless Classic Dad, we have specially curated selections to help let dad know how special he is. Keep reading to find your Dad the perfect gift this Father’s Day.


Dapper Dad:

The Dapper Dad has refined his personal style to an enviable art form, favouring select fashions and objects where quality comes first. A classic whisky, an understated watch, or a bold pair of socks for that extra pop of colour. This guy is all about small details and touches of pure flair.

Classic Dad:

A man of timeless tastes, Classic Dad eschews the flashier trends, preferring to honour tradition and a truly classic style. Think a classic leather weekender bag or timeless cufflinks. Dependable and solid, this dad always puts the family before himself – and that’s why Father’s Day is the perfect moment to spoil your Classic Dad.

Action Dad:

Motto: life is an adventure. Hold the recliner and the cardigans, Action Dad feels the call of the wild and prefers the breeze in his hair. If there’s a gadget, this guy wants to know how it works. If he’s ever referred to the family as ‘The Team’, then yours is an Action Dad.


HOW TO | Elevate Your Comfort Level

Loungewear has hit the streets, so get ready to be comfortably cool. Bring the comfort of chilling at home to your everyday style, with drawstrings, hoods and slouchy cuts. Read ahead on two key pieces every man needs in his wardrobe this season. 

The Tapered Trouser:

Trousers are no longer just for 9-5 and special occasions. Paired with a casual tee and layered lightweight knit, tapered slacks are set to rival jeans in the realm of street style. 

The Classic Check Shirt:

Shake up your casual wardrobe this spring with a pop of check. From plaid, to gingham, to windowpane, this classic print is enjoying a modern-day revival, and we’re liking it. To style: button up your check of choice with a pair of tapered or drawstring trousers.


MUST HAVES | Jackets

Everybody knows you can’t trust the weather report at this time of year. So to prepare you for the unpredictable days ahead, we’ve curated the must have trans seasonal jackets.

The Trench:

Polish your casual look with a classic trench, the quintessential throw-on coat. Find a style that is crafted from dry-touch feel cotton that offers a more relaxed fit.

The Hoodie:

Tackle cool conditions in comfort with a hoodie, the old-school classic of outerwear. A favourite amid the likes of Kanye and David Beckham, this staple style is a must have for in between-season dressing.

The Lightweight Parka:

When the weather’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat, a lightweight parka is a great choice. Wear with your favourite jeans and a pair of sneakers for the perfect weekend look.


The Sporty Jacket:

With thanks to recent innovations in textiles and design, sportswear has never looked better. Fuse comfort and style this season with sleek, athletic styles.


HOW TO | Make Sure a Suit is Good Quality

Buying a suit off the rack shouldn’t bring your style down a peg or two. Shop wisely, and you can pick up tailored quality for a stitch of the normal price. Read ahead on how to spot the little-known features that make for a money-looking suit.

Fine Fabrics:

Fabric is arguably the most important element of a quality suit, and it should be breathable, soft and strong. Avoid man-made fibres like polyester – they may look passable to begin with, but since they retain heat, the suit is prone to wrinkles throughout the day. Instead opt for wool fabrics.

Clean Stitching:

High-quality stitching is easy to spot since it will be clean and strong – something that adds shelf life to a suit. Look for consistency within the stitching, as lower quality suits usually boast irregular patterns.

Buttoned Cuffs:

Most – if not all – suits have buttons on the cuffs, but fully-functional buttons are a sign of a quality. Working buttons mean extra effort has been taken at the construction stage, and is therefore a tell-tale sign of craftsmanship. 

Flat Lining:

First and foremost, check that the suit lining lays flat. Poor stitching ensures bulges and ripples that make for a sub-par suit, and stitching to the edges should be checked for consistency. If you commit to a suit regardless of this, expect the lining to strip away over time due to poor construction.

Comfortable Movement:

A well-fitted suit should allow free movement. Look for a blazer with a chest front shaped through the waist – this’ll grant a masculine shape, and will move with your body allowing for a better fit. If you don’t have that off the rack, it may warrant a visit to your local tailor. Since a blazer should fit as opposed to hang, a minor alteration will result in a more flattering shape (and won’t cost the world, either).


HOW TO | The Collar Guide

1. “Cutaway” - The widest of spread collars, cut away as the collar is so short. Preferably worn with a tie with a wide knot.

2. “English spread" - The collar made for the Windsor knot. A traditional English look.

3. “Spread” - It flatters a narrow face and a Windsor knot. Spread refers to the width between the points of the collar.

4. “Forward Point” - Generally should be worn with a tie. Narrow opening flatters a rounder or wider face. This style of shirt has been around since WW1.

5. “Abbreviated Spread” – A smaller, more modern and sporty version of the classic spread collar. Designed to be worn without a tie under a sports coat or sweater. It can also be worn with a tie.

6. “Club” - Originally created in the 19th century for “exclusive” club members or English boarding schools.

7. “Button-down” - Mostly worn without a tie, though some designers and brands are promoting dressier versions to be worn with a suit.

These 7 collar types are in order from most formal to least formal, with all 7 capable of being worn with a tie.


TREND | Modern Shoes

Whilst everyone should have the classics, it can get a little boring. Make way for the new pairs of footwear you need in your life. Read ahead for more. 

Tassel Loafers:

A suede tassel loafer is a great summer alternative to a brogue or Derby and works with many different outfits. They look great worn with a tapered, ankle-skimming trouser for a summer wedding, but also work well with denim and coloured chinos in more casual looks.

Chelsea Boots:

Chelsea boots look great, protect you from the elements and are another versatile shoe to have in your arsenal. Their sleek design makes them just as viable for wearing with cropped suit trousers as they are for teaming with a good pair of slim jeans to show off the silhouette.

Knitted Trainers:

Knitted trainers are a smart idea for several reasons: they’re comfortable, breathable and sustainable (as only the precise amount of material needed is used). Additionally, their knitted-ness lends them a slightly premium feel, in the same way a knitted polo is a level up from a woven one, or a jumper is fancier than a sweatshirt. That and their streamlined, contemporary vibe means they work where ugly running shoes do not.


TREND | Outdated Style Rules

As we get older, it gets harder to rebel. So what’s the grown-up way – short of becoming a scientologist – to fight the establishment? Breaking style rules, of course.

Never Wear Navy and Black:

Navy is great. Black is great. So it stands to reason that pairing the two is – haters take note – great. This is a rule that’s fast losing the relevance it once might have had. The trick is in choosing pieces that complement, rather than compete with, one another. The beauty of navy and black is its versatility; although they’re both colours traditionally associated with (and work exceptionally well for) eveningwear, they’re just as easily thrown together for an off-duty weekend look – think a navy polo shirt with black jeans and white trainers.

No Brown in Town:

We get that the rule derives from the strict division between brown and black as markers of casualness and formality. But things change. Just look at brown suits – a modern go-to that can look equally if not more stylish and put-together than bog-standard navy or black versions, when worn by the right man.

Never Wear T-Shirts with Suits:

Less is more here: you’re already making a statement by not wearing a t-shirt, so there’s no need to shout by adding in loud prints or blinding hues. To wit, we’d suggest a classic cotton crew neck shape in a tonal variant of the colour of the suit – e.g. a white T-shirt with a stone suit. If the thought of a plain T-shirt is enough to put you to sleep, add some interest in the form of a classic Breton stripe.

Never Wear Boots with A Suit:

Boots – particularly Chelsea, brogue and Derby shapes – retain all the dressiness of smart shoes but double down on element-deflecting, meaning you dress the part without risking frostbite. Try rugged leather lace-up styles with a tweed suit when off-duty or swap out office-ready Oxfords for a pair of black or brown Chelsea boots for a workwear change that won’t get your boss’ finger wagging.


MUST HAVES | Am I Too Old to Wear This?

There are plenty of minimum age limits (drinking, driving, gambling), but nowhere near enough maximum ones. With constantly changing trends, it is stylish to know when you’ve unwittingly past certain buy-by dates to prevent car crashes of the mutton-dressed-as-lamb or badly packed sausage variety.


  • Under 25: Ripped
  • Between 25 and 35: Distressed
  • Over 35: Plain


  • Under 25: Slogan/Band
  • Between 25 and 35: Logo
  • Over 35: Plain


  • Under 25: Hype
  • Between 25 and 35: Contemporary
  • Over 35: Classic


  • Under 25: Ironic
  • Between 25 and 35: Pretend
  • Over 35: Proper


  • Under 25: Skinny
  • Between 25 and 35: Slim
  • Over 35: Classic