TREND | High-hemmed Pants

Showing your ankles whilst wearing a suit? Say it ain’t so! The hottest trend is refreshing and modern and surprisingly easy to wear. Read ahead on how to incorporate high-hemmed pants into your suiting wardrobe.

Taper your pants to what you feel most comfortable in, make sure they are slim fit and not to baggy. You do not want the hem too high up on your leg, it should sit just over your ankle. The tapered look will help show off those statement socks or those bare ankles, making your polished brogues look even more of a stand out.

When the finer details matter so much, it is very important that you get them correct. The smallest of alterations to your suit can make the biggest improvement to your outfit and you should always remember, it’s the fit that always meets the eye.


MUST HAVES | Winter Coats

With the weather cooling down, it's time to reach for a winter coat or jacket. But much like your girlfriend's shoes, just one is not enough — you need one for different occasions. Here's three styles to last you through winter, and what to wear with them.

The Overcoat:

Typically worn over a suit, this is the coat that means business. Choose one with a long line silhouette and single row buttons to keep it sleek.

The Peacoat:

Known for its double row buttons and wide collar, the peacoat is a shorter style coat; perfect for casual Fridays or a mid-week date.

The Parka:

Get all boys in the hood with the parka, a casual coat made for weekends and hipsters. It is typically shapeless in form so balance it out with straight or narrow cut pants to avoid looking dowdy. 


MUST HAVES | Winter Accessories

Most of us understand the basics of dressing for the cold. Staying warm isn’t rocket science. But staying warm in style? That’s an art. Accessorised well, even the most basic of outfits can turn heads. From beanies to backpacks, broad-brimmed hats to boots, final touches are key to making a statement in the blistering cold. Keep reading for your winter essentials check list, to put your most handsome foot forward this winter.

Hats & Beanies:

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to embrace your inner Don Draper, now’s your chance. Reminiscent of the ’50s – a time when men wore hats en masse – fedoras are back this season, in a variety of fur felts and soft wools. But if broad brims aren’t you’re thing, you can rest assured knowing that the beanie remains a street style staple. 


Boots are back on trend, in fact, we’re not sure they’ve ever been completely out of style. Point is, if you don’t own a pair, now’s the time to invest. From the slim lined to the military-inspired, find you perfect shape for night and day, and for work and play.


Every self-respecting man needs a bag that complements his style, and winter always offers a fine selection. This season, expect to see soft leather totes, traditional cross-body satchels, and a host of practical backpacks – the perfect casual add-on for the weekend. Because who really wants to wear out their pockets carrying around a mobile, keys and wallet?


TREND | Spring/Summer Suits

Of course, a suit is a year-round essential that transcends time and trends, but for the sun-soaked summer-months, there are a few smart choices to be made. From modern and classic styles to brightly coloured and patterned designs, here are the four suits needed to make the summer months the hottest yet, sartorially speaking.

The Contemporary Suit:

A well-fitting, single-breasted, two-button suit with a fuss-free notch lapel and minimal trouser break is the epitome of modern. Take advantage of merino wool’s natural temperature regulating properties or 100% cotton/cotton-linen options as a smart way of staying cool and comfortable. Colour is dictated by where the suit will mostly be worn. Charcoal, grey and navy suits are the safest bets for professional environments. Perfect for moving from office to bar, these refined hues have a timeless appeal that can be livened up with a more colourful tie or kept simple and classic.

The Occasion Suit:

For a sleek alternative to sober navy and grey options that’ll serve well for almost any warm-weather event, opt for something in a bolder (or even, softer) shade of blue or a seasonally-appropriate neutral such as beige. To remain smart but with a cool air of informality, style this suit with a slim-cut shirt, textured tie, printed pocket square and pair of quality loafers or brogues. Equally, to dress it down for a more casual event, lose the tie, unbutton the shirt collar pair with clean white sneakers for an effortless outfit.

The Statement Colour/Pattern Suit:

Looking to make a bigger sartorial splash? The spring and summer months are the best in which to experiment with colour and pattern. If going down the statement suit route it’s advisable to opt for a skinny to slim cut, which aligns perfectly with this style’s contemporary, youthful feel. Slightly cropped or turned-up trousers also work to further emphasise this fashion-forward approach. Wear this look with confidence!


HOW TO | Detail Your Suit

Detailing your suit the correct way will bring your appearance up by miles – from looking like you work a boring desk job to being the boss of the people working a boring desk job.

Be bold and out there. Best of all, be yourself. Have your own style and be different from the rest of the crowd. Most of the colour matching rules do not apply to most “fashionistas” these days. The only rule we go by is to match one colour on your tie with one colour on your pocket square.

Here are the essential needs to detailing your suit; A tie, pocket square, lapel pin or flower, tie bar and most importantly, a watch. Bracelets and other jewellery are bonus points.


TREND | Tailored Man

Power dressing is back in a new, modern way for menswear. While a relaxed fit has become popular due to more casual work environments, tailored and sharper cuts are coming back to the fore. 

The Style
Business suits come in two-button styles, and the 3-piece suit is no longer just for weddings or formal events; make it your signature style for work when cooler months roll in.

The Colour
Blue suits continue to be a trend, but stand out from the pack and move on to grey suits. Look for plain or check grey suits and pair with a simple black shoe.

The Shirt
While a classic white shirt is well, classic, mix it up and wear a printed shirt under your suit. Dare to wear one with mini-floral print or paired with a graphic tie.



MUST HAVES | Styles of Business Shirts

Men are known to be practical and bulk shoppers. Save unnecessary hours in the shops and read ahead on the five key styles of business shirts you need in your wardrobe.

(1) The Twill Shirt

Why you need it: Twill is a heavier weight fabric and is more suitable for the cooler seasons. It also holds its shape and is easier to iron.